How to Deal with and Get through a Stomach Flu


Stomach flu or Gastroenteritis can last for more than one day. Thus, below are the steps for you to get over it and feel better in no time.

I. Work on Improving Your Condition

1.) Never consume antibiotics. Virus is the root cause of stomach flu and not bacteria so these medicines would never alleviate your condition.

2.) Have a presence of mind. Avoid eating spicy meals and junk foods if you happen to vomit all the time. Eat broth, stew or soups instead. Consume baby food if these suggestions are too much for you to handle.

3.) Eat BRAT which stands for Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast. Soda crackers and oatmeal would also do for your condition. Just consume anything that’s mushy and bland.

4.) Don’t drink milk, orange juice, coffee and even alcohol. Just drink lots of water for now. Electrolyte solution and sports drinks would also work best for your illness.

5.) Eat a decent meal before you consume your painkillers. Tylenol, ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen and aspirin are some of the medicines that you can take.

II. Rest

1.) If you find your bed inconvenient because of your condition, then sleep on the couch by all means. Just make sure that you are well covered with blankets.

2.) Rest. Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours on a regular basis. Take naps when you can. Give your body the chance to recover after struggling with your condition for the whole day.

3.) However, avoid sleep when you’re still vomiting most of the time. This is because you might vomit over your mouth and nose while you’re unconscious and that could be dangerous and may even cause your life.

4.) If you still feel nauseated after 24 hours, then visit your doctor right away. You might be extremely dehydrated already.

III. Dealing with the Symptoms

1.) Acknowledge the symptoms. Run to the bathroom as fast as you can. Vomiting on your bed would only make you feel worse.

2.) If you have a fever, then apply a cool cloth on your forehead or position yourself in front of an electric fan. Take a warm bath or shower if you have to.

3.) Keep the virus to yourself. Taking care of an infected family member when you have just recovered from your illness would only stress you out.

IV. Slowly Recovering

1.) Get better. Keep that as your main goal for now. Don’t think of all your unfinished work just yet. Be free from any form of stress as of the moment.

2.) Watch TV shows or movies that can make you smile or even laugh. Stay away from all those drama and horror films for a while.

3.) Get back to your normal life one day at a time. Take things slowly. Don’t push yourself too hard for you might experience fatigue again. Ask somebody’s help when you need it.

V. When to Visit Your Doctor

1.) If you are weak, confused, have less urine, less weight, diarrhea for more than 48 hours, fever higher than 101 Fahrenheit and regular vomiting for more than 24 hours, then visit your doctor immediately.

2.) If you have not urinated for the last twelve hours, have fainted, experiences pain in your abdomen or chest, breathes unevenly, have seizures, headache, feels sluggish, confused and have a fever not lower than 104 Fahrenheit, then proceed to emergency care.

3.) If your child produces less tears when crying, has dry eyes, mouth and dark urine, then he or she is probably dehydrated already. Thus, let a doctor attend to your little one as soon as possible.



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