How to Learn to Meditate

by Updated February 6, 2013

In order for you to successfully mediate, you would have to know the meaning of the term meditation first.

Meditation is the process of reaching a high level of calmness from within. It’s a method that works with an individual’s mind. People who are able to meditate at any given time and place are persons who have a great sense of discipline. You can’t just meditate in a snap. You would have to follow the steps below for you to do the procedure right.

1.) Set a specific time for you to meditate. Meditation is a process that you would have to do everyday. Besides, it normally lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes only. Thus, it wouldn’t really ruin your regular schedule. You can meditate after you wake up in the morning or before you sleep at night. It’s all up to you. However, morning meditations are simply the best for they prepare you for the whole day ahead.

2.) Find a place where you would be able to relax. It should be somewhere that is free from any type of noise. Your home can be the perfect place for you to meditate but you would have turn off all of your disturbing appliances and you would have to be separated from your phone for a while.

3.) Maintain proper posture while sitting on the floor. You can have a pillow under your bottom if the floor’s not convenient for you. A lotus position is totally unnecessary. Never twist your limbs if you’re not comfortable doing it. You just have to keep your legs and arms relaxed. Keep that posture all throughout your meditation session for it can help you to easily breathe in and out.

4.) Be in total relax mode. If your face, spine, legs and other body parts seem to be stiff, then keep them relaxed as much as possible. You can move your body a little bit for you to remove all of the tension inside your muscles. Your main goal in this step is to have a completely relaxed body and you need to achieve that before you proceed to the next step.

5.) Now, work on your breathing. You can repeatedly say the word "om" in this step or you can just chant the word in your head. By doing so, it would be simpler for you to take note of your breathing. You can count your breath starting from 1 to 10 but don’t criticize the way you breathe. It would only distract you. Just lend your ears to it and follow its rhythm for you to successfully meditate.

6.) Put your mind into a complete silence. Don’t think of anything or anyone. Get everything out of your head. If a certain scene comes into your mind, then you would have to learn to disregard it temporarily. Be free of any worry for a while. This is what meditation is all about. It’s about having a clear mind in order to overcome life’s greatest challenges.



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