How to Get Started with Meditation

Steps to get started with meditation for beginners.

How do you make more out of meditation? Well, below are 14 easy steps that you can follow for you effectively meditate anywhere and anytime you want to.

1.) Choose a simple meditation routine that you can maintain and one which would slowly get you into the world of meditation.

2.) Don’t take any drugs or even alcohol during your day of meditation. This is because you need to have presence of mind in order for you reflect better.

3.) Meditate 60 minutes after you take your coffee or snacks. If you had a full meal, then wait for two hours before you settle for meditation.

4.) Wait for half an hour after you smoke before you meditate.

5.) A successful meditation often happens in a quiet and peaceful place. Thus, make sure that you are situated in that kind of environment.

6.) Put your phone in silent mode or better yet, turn it off for a while.

7.) You can put fresh flowers or a scented candle beside you as you meditate. These things would surely enhance your senses and put you into a completely calm mood which is perfect for meditation.

8.) If you plan to use candles while you mediate, turn the lights off. Bright light might break your calm mood after meditation.

9.) Give your head and back the support that they need by placing cushions around you or by simply maintaining a proper sitting position.

10.) Stay comfortable by wearing loose clothes and by taking your shoes off as you meditate.

11.) Maintain 100% concentration while meditating. Set aside all your troubles for a while and have a clear mind in order for you to face them after you meditate.

12.) Don’t get your expectations too high. Meditation is a long process. Thus, you have to work on it on a regular basis for you to get the results that you want. Have patience and just meditate one day at a time.

13.) Simply strive hard when you’re meditating.

14.) Have an interval of 3 - 4 hours in between meditation routines.



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