How to Choose Between an iPhone 5 vs Sprint Nexus S 4G


In the realm of mobile technology, everything is speeding right along. Everyone wants the best, fastest, most up-to-date mobile phone with the best price on both the device itself and the price per month. Today we'll be comparing the iPhone 5 with the Nexus S 4G from Sprint.

The iPhone 5, a coveted device from AT&T, is coming soon. iPhone fever has swept the globe in recent years, and we're sure the newest version will be all the rage as well. The iPhone 5's tentative release date is September 7, 2011. Pricing hasn't been set at this time, but we're sure that won't stop the die-hard iPhone fans from getting their hands on one as soon as they are released. The main feature of the iPhone 5 is, of course, the iTunes store. This store has tens of thousands of apps, many of which are free, available to any iPhone user. With the lowest priced model of the iPhone 5 having 64GB of storage space, users are free to load up on apps without concerning themselves with slowing the device down. AT&T is also claiming that their newest iPhone has the strongest signal strength of any iPhone yet to date, calming fears of those who had issues with the iPhone 4 and loss of signal. Also, the device has a much longer talk time and will be capable of 4G mobile broadband speeds.


Sprint's Nexus S 4G is a rival to contend with. This device launched earlier this year and brought the Android Gingerbread OS to the market. This device is not branded with the Sprint logo, nor is it loaded down with Sprint apps (otherwise known as Bloatware) that slow the device from the get-go. This is a pure Google device, meaning that there is no Sprint marketing anywhere in the device or marked on the device and there is more room to load the phone with apps of the user's choice. This device has a 4" AMOLED display, dual camera technology, expandable memory (via SD card slot) and boasts a much longer talk time and battery life than Sprint's former flagship phone, HTC Evo. This device is available at a price of $249.99 with a new 2 year contract or eligible upgrade at 


(Photo Courtesy of Flickr User: marcospozo)

Now that we've compared devices, let's compare plans. With Sprint, you'll get 450 anytime minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling nationwide, unlimited messaging, and truly unlimited data with the Everything Data 450 plan for $79.99/mo. Tethering can be added with the Mobile Hotspot feature for an additional $29.99/mo. Similar plans with AT&T will cost around $120/mo and AT&T does not provide unlimited data. After 2GB, users are charged an additional fee for every GB used. While the AT&T network is more reliable and spread further than the Sprint network when comparing nation-wide maps, Sprint is the more economical choice.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs.



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