How to Ask for a Raise

Do you deserve a raise?
by Updated January 29, 2009

When asking for a raise you should first consider if you actually deserve one. Try to look at getting a raise in terms of why you should receive one and if the company can afford it. Once you have come up with some possible reasons why you should get a raise you should try to find others who will give you an honest opinion of your abilities and work habits. If they agree with your assessment of yourself, then you should take a look at the company you work for. If the company is doing major cutbacks, getting a raise is not very likely. It might not always be that you don't deserve a raise, but that the company is unable to accommodate your request due to its financial reality.

Think about it do you deserve a raise?
To figure out whether or not you deserve a raise, you need to evaluate your self worth. You can do this by making a list of what you bring to the table and all of your contributions or accomplishments that you have since joining the company. Then you should find out casually what the normal raise is and consider your occupation and the years that you have put in. Then you need to assess your boss. To do this, look at your boss for signs and body language and the like that might give you clues as to whether he would be more likely to discuss giving you a raise.

If you honestly believe that the company will honor or even consider your request, then go for it. When you finally muster up the courage to talk with your boss, you should make sure you approach him/her at the appropriate time of day. Don't stop him on his lunch break or interrupt them when they are busy. Your best bet is to schedule a time to talk to them when they can take at least a half hour out of the day to discuss your pressing issue of getting a raise. Most people have more time at the end of the day, so you might want to set a time for an end of the day meeting. If you really want to come to the meeting prepared, you need to make a list of all your achievements and positive accomplishments that have helped the company. You should also try and predict objections that your boss might have with your performance or pay raise.

Benefits should also be considered
The key is to ask for a raise that won't break the company's bank account. You don't want to demand a huge raise, but say about a six or eight percent rise in pay. If you are offered a lower amount, you should be happy that they gave you a piece of their time. Don't let your pride talk for you. By letting your pride talk for you, you may find yourself without a job at the end of the day. You should also be flexible. If they won't give you a raise, then go for benefits, such as more vacation time or flextime. Flextime is where you are able to pick your beginning and ending times while at work for the core hours of the day. So instead of 9-5, you might want to start at 8 and leave at 4.

If your boss turns you down completely; you need to be prepared for the let down and move on with or without the company. You may not want to quit your job, but you may want to check out other options and start looking at other companies, and see if you can't find a job that will pay you what your worth.



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