How To Write An Amazing Cover Letter

by Updated January 27, 2010

A well written cover letter can mean the difference between getting a hiring manager excited about meeting you and adding you to the team, or getting lost amongst all the other applicants. By writing an amazing cover letter, you prove to the reader that you are worthy of the job position and will give you additional negotiating power during salary discussions.

Step One

Find out who is going to be the person reading your letter or conducting the interview. By ensuring your cover letter is personalized, you can really target your audience and make them pay attention to the rest of your letter.

Step Two

Conduct a bit of research on the company you are applying to. Including references to how you can integrate their corporate vision through your previous job experience or why working for this company is something that meshes well with your personal goals. These can be a creative way to stand out from the crowd and will definitely impress your interviewer.

Step Three

You should always write a new cover letter every time you apply for a position. If it’s a recycled cover letter, it is going to sound like it. Make sure that your tone isn’t overly formal but allows the reader to get a glimpse into your personality. Include goals and personal characteristics that you think are perfect for the job in question.

Step Four

Don’t simply rehash your resume in your cover letter. Because this is usually the first contact with a potential employer and first impressions only happen once, you want your personality to do the talking. Be sure to let your individuality shine through.  Explain why you are interested in working for this company. Categorize examples of relevant experience and skills that make you the prime candidate for that job.

Step Five

At the end of your letter, always express your enthusiasm to meet with your potential employer to discuss further qualifications and continue the interviewing process in person. Always leave your current contact information and a written word of thanks.

Cover letters can be an intimidating task, but they are the only way to have your resume stand out. Be sure to utilize the above steps to create an effective and amazing cover letter. 



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