How to Become a Best Seller on Ebay


Making money online has become one of, if not the most sought after positions in the online world. It allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home, all the while making money using passive means. One of the easiest ways to manage an online business is through Ebay.

Ebay is a revolutionary online presence which works as both an auction and shopping site. The majority of the sales on Ebay are through set time auctions; however there is also “buy-it-now” listings in which small businesses make their sales. You too can become a best seller on Ebay using some of the tips featured in this article.

Step One – Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Best sellers on Ebay are those who understand the importance of good customer service. You need to understand that your seller reputation, which is designated through a feedback system, is extremely important so treating your customers with the utmost respect is required. Sometimes, issues may arise that compromises your policies; however, these should be dealt with on an individual basis to keep all customers, even dissatisfied ones.

Step Two – Maintain Communication

Customers who are kept in the loop are often noted as being more satisfied. Communicate with them when you receive their winning bid, when you receive payment, and when you ship the item to them. Try to answer any questions they ask within 24 hours, as good business practice dictates.

Step Three – Use Professional Quality Photographs

When you are buying online, you can’t really get a feel for the quality of an item based on a description alone. Always include several photos to showcase your item and a variety of different positions. Use bright lighting to really let your customers see what they are purchasing.

Step Four – Use Detailed Listings

Writing a professional sound, spell checked listing is important to getting the right type of customers. You ideally want to attract repeat buyers and consistent listings that match the item when they receive it is very important when it comes to feedback.

Step Five – Know Your Shipping Costs

One of the prime complaints from users on Ebay is that postage pricing often doesn’t match either what’s on the packaging or the general norm for that product. If you are looking to get a higher selling price, raise it yourself. Don’t try to make an extra few dollars through shipping costs because it will affect your feedback scores if more than one customer thinks or notices this inconsistency. Be sure to ship internationally as well as your items may go for more overseas.

Step Six – Include More Options of Payment

When you open the door to more payment options, you will also attract more buyers. Offer Paypal, certain credit cards, certified cheques and money orders, and even wire transfers. This can open your online world and cause bidding prices to rise.



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