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Why does my Cat keep going to litter box?

What is the reason my cat keeps going back and forth to litter box?

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Maybe it is the food you are giving it. It might not agree to its stomach or the cat just likes the litter box.( my kitten liked to sleep in the unused litter box we bought them) You should probably try a different type of food.

Emergency! If you're cat is constantly going to the liter box, then most likely you have a serious emergency and need to get your cat to the Vet as soon as possible. Especially, if you see that your cat is not able to go to relieve itself. Your cat could be in serious discomfort and needs the attention of a vet. Do what's best for your cat and take him to the vet NOW!


My cat keeps. Going back. And. Forth to litter. Box I. Took him to vet last week. He said. That. My cat was not conniption gave in a shot just in case of infection and inflammatory. Shot


Clearly something is wrong with your cat. If your cat is constipated, give it canned Pumpkin (from the grocery store). You can also give your cat a tablespoon of milk / day to help with constipation. I would take your cat to the Vet to make sure that's what's going on. A qualified Vet can actually feel a cats belly and tell how much poop is backed up in your cat. 

Also stop feeding your cat dry cat food, as that will make your cat constipated.  Start feeding your cat wet cat food primarily.

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