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What's the differences between a Wolf and a Coyote?

How is a Wolf Different From a Coyote?

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What is a Wolf?

• It an animal which is larger and heavier than a coyote.
• It lives in the Yukon, Labrador, Northern United States and Alaska territories.
• It has white, black or gray fur.
• It goes along with its pack when hunting. They often look for moose, sheep and goats and due to their heightened sense of smell, they have no trouble tracking these animals. They also use their scent to tell other animals that this place is their territory.
• Wolves are afraid of humans and they tend to be secretive.
• They don’t stay on secure and clean places.

What is a Coyote?

• It is an animal that falls under the dog family. This is the reason why coyotes are sometimes called barking dogs.
• It is seen in western, central and southern Canada.
• A coyote can sometimes live together with a few people without causing them any trouble and harm. They can even help humans get rid of tiny rodents which cause damage to their crops.
• It has a similar appearance to a red wolf. However, its legs are thinner.
• It has a long, thick and bushy tail.
• It hunts with a partner and likes to eat deer with its hunting buddy.
• It also feasts on carrions, particular vegetables, rabbits and mice.
• A coyote easily adapts to its surroundings and it is a fairly intelligent animal. However, it can eat your pet birds and poultry if you leave it unattended. Thus, you are advised to put your pets in secure cages or place a durable fence around them. You can also create loud noises or flash lights to coyotes to keep them away from your pets.
• This animal avoids confrontations with other wildlife for it has a shy personality.

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