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What are the five must–have toys for my cat?

What cat toys are the best?

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Your kitten needs to play, and if she is the only cat in the house, she needs to play with you.

1) One favorite interactive toy is Da Bird which is a fishing pole type interactive cat toy that has a swiveling device at the end of the string where feathers are attached.

2) Catnip bubbles are non-toxic for your cat so you can blow bubbles and watch your cat chase and pop them.

3) The laser pointer allows your kitty to do amazing antics and exercise all her muscles as she’s trying to chase the red dot.

4) A Thing on a String is nothing more complex than a six-foot boot lace with a piece of cloth knotted on the end.

5) You can also get a variety of ball toys in the pet stores, or you can get a little “super-ball” from a supermarket vending machine. Roll the ball across the floor and watch your kitten chase it as it ricochets off any solid surfaces. You might even be able to teach your kitten to play fetch.

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