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What exactly are Capons and are they good to eat?

What Makes Capons So Special to eat?

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What is a capon?

• a rooster that’s castrated
• contains a lot of fat
• Its flesh tastes really good and it’s very tender to eat.
• It may be prepared in a traditional way but it has a flavor that is completely different from your standard roasted chicken.
• You must have a tiny family farm or a boutique butcher for you to be able to eat a capon. However, exerting all your efforts in having one is definitely worth it all because of the food’s unique and heavenly taste.

What is caponization?

• It is the method used in make a capon out of a rooster.
• It occurs when a rooster is already 6 to 20 weeks of age.
• It neutralizes the rooster’s sex hormones
• It can be done in two ways: applying estrogen implants to a rooster for bigger producers or by getting the animal’s testes through a surgery for heritage chicken producers

What are the benefits of caponization?

• You can trust capons to never fight one another even if you place them in one area.
• A smaller wattle, comb and head for the capon.
• Capons are easier to capture compared to roosters. Thus, they are safer to handle.
• A less gamy taste and a moist finished product after it is cooked
• Fatter flesh which serves as the food’s basting agent and more tender meat because of the absence of the sex hormones in their body.

Because of the massive need for meat, capons are almost impossible to acquire. But as they always say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. As mentioned above, all you will need to do is either contact a small family farm or ask the professional help of a butcher for you to be able to have the capon that you have been craving for.

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