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How do I ease my cat’s travel anxiety?

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Cats use slow eye blinks – often called “Kitty Kisses” as a sign of contentedness and affection. As a stress-reliever and a bonding mechanism , cats groom each other so when a cat “grooms” you, it is a sign that she accepts you as part of her feline “family” or a way of claiming “ownership” of you. Cats that rub their faces on you are “marking” you as part of their property as well as to signal comfort and familiarity. A cat that shows interest in you and wants to be where you are will follow you from room to room and hang out wherever you are. Cats that share a close bond with their owners will respond with excitement when they hear their owner’s car in the driveway or when they make distinctive sounds when returning home. Rolling over and exposing her belly to you signals that she trusts you and loves you. To greet someone they like, they show a question mark shaped tail or an upright tail to indicate familiarity, trust and affection. One of the greatest expressions of love that your cat can bestow upon you is kneading which signifies contentment, pleasure and adoration, especially if accompanied by drooling.

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