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What's different between Gerbils vs. Hamsters?

How is a Hamster different from a Gerbil?

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Gerbils and hamsters are certainly great pet choices. However, they are completely different from one another.

The Needs and Characteristics of a Gerbil

• A gerbil can get lonesome if it doesn’t have any companion in its cage. Therefore, it is imperative for you to buy a minimum of two gerbils and a smooth running wheel. It would also be better for you to get younger ones for they easily connect with each other.
• This pet is considered as a safer alternative to a hamster for it doesn’t bite at all
• Gerbils experience dehydration easily. Thus, you must place them in an air conditioned room or put them near an electric fan.
• This animal has a tail and a longer snout which makes it look like a little rat.
• A gerbil can’t take too much veggies and fruits in a food diet.
• Gerbils are diurnal and they are naturally active
• If you don’t want your gerbils to multiply, then make sure that you get to select two from the same gender. However, female gerbils have the tendency to quarrel so it would be best for you to get male ones.
• A gerbil can live from 3 to 7 years.

The Needs and Characteristics of a Hamster

• Just give your hamster a smooth running wheel that it can play with and it would surely live just fine. You can still get companions for this kind of pet but female hamsters don’t usually warm to one another so you are recommended to fill a cage will all male hamsters instead.
• Hamsters tend to bite others when startled.
• This animal is not too sensitive with regards to room temperature.
• This pet doesn’t have any tail. Thus, if you hate rats and their long tails, then you would definitely love to have this cute creature at home.
• You can feed your hamster with any vegetable and any fruit that it wants.
• A hamster loves to sleep so if you want to have a full time playing buddy, then this animal is not for you.
• A hamster can live from 3 to 7 years.

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