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What the similarities and differences between Emo and Goth?

How Similar is Emo from Goth?

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Emo and Goth are two genres that has a lot of similarities which is why they are often mistaken or interchangeably use by people who are not so quite familiar with these genres.

The origins of Emo and Goth differ. Goth originated as early as the 1980s and started as a genre for rock, which is called Gothic rock. Emo on the other hand came later in Washington. Emo is a short term for emotional hardcore. The basis for these two genres came from the musical preferences people listen to. Technically, people who are into Goth or Emo have their own music preferences are artists that they all adore. Emo music originates from hardcore punk and rock. Gothic too has the same origins but they have transformed hardcore punk to a newer version which is electronic. That is why no matter how similar they may look, they follow different artists and listen to different music.

Black is the dominant color of these two genres. Both Emo and Gothic wear black from head to toe, but the style of clothing differs from each other. Emo wears black shirts, shoes, and tight jeans. Some also wear black layered clothing. Goth on the other hand has a more distinct fashion ensemble which also includes black lipsticks and eyeliners. They wear glitters and jewelries and have a lot of accessories. The ladies often wear corsets, lace, and frills. Based on their wardrobes, the Gothic follows the culture of vampires, mysticism, and magic while the Emo is a more relaxed and modern-type which is rock and punk.
Another similarity between the two is their mood. They resonate or show depressive moods and dark personalities and anything about unpleasantness and unhappiness. That is why most of the songs that they are listening to refer to heartaches, depression, loss, and grievances.

Emo and Gothic not only became a simple genre of music and fashion but it has already become a way of life to people who follow these styles. The way they carry their lives and handle it would reflect what genre they are into.

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