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What Makes Al Qaeda Different From the Taliban?

What the differences and similarities between Al Qaeda and the Taliban?

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Are you familiar with the groups Al Qaeda and Taliban? If you are, then you probably already know that these groups are popular for spreading terrorism, war and chaos all around the world. They may be guided by the Islamic religion but they are actually different from each other. Below are a few facts which make them unique.

What is Al Qaeda?

• This term means “the foundation” or “base”.
• It is a terrorist group that wants all governments to be ruled by Islamic leaders while maintaining its focus on Sharia at the same time.
• They want to remove the concept of nationalism and socialism all over the world.
• They travel in different countries just to reach their goal.
• Its roots came from Sayyid Qutb’s writings. Sayyid is an Islamic philosopher.
• It is comprised by Sunni Muslims who are practicing the most violent form of their religion which is Wahabism
• This group was founded by the notorious Osama bin laden in 1988 when he met the Abdullah Azzam and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad leaders.

What is Taliban?

• This Arabic word means “student”.
• It is a terrorist group which had conservative and religious students as its first members. Most of these people have Pashtun identity and they have strong belief in Sharia. From the year 1996 to 2001, Afghanistan was under the control of these individuals. They have been spreading chaos in different countries ever since 2001 when they were removed from power. These people stay in one place though.
• The ideology of this group consists of interpretations of Deobandi and Pashtun tribal codes. These two components result to Islam’s innovative form.
• The founder of this group is a very enigmatic individual who is no other than Mullah Mohammed Omar

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