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What are the Penalties of Treason?

Penalties of Treason Throughout Different Eras?

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Treason is a form of disloyalty for one’s nation or country wherein actions of betrayal are being done that harms the nation such as in times of war, economic crisis, and even political issues. Treason is taken very seriously by almost all nations in the world because it can break what each nation has started.

Years ago, treason was often punishable by death. Some were even tortured before they were put to death. Traitors are often put to shame and public humiliation as well as public sentence is often being done to serve as a warning for people who might think to follow their treacherous ways. Oftentimes, they are hanged or burned publicly. Families of the traitors were also punished by confiscating their properties and some might even be put behind bars. Family members cannot find a suitable job because no one would accept them. That is why most of them will flee to another nation to seek refuge. The dead bodies of the traitors were often displayed publicly as a trophy for capturing a traitor as well as an indicator of what might happen to people who want to betray their own nation.

Nowadays, because of many changes in the systems of different nations as well as the emergence of different groups of humanities, treason penalties has been gradually decreasing until such that death was no longer a penalty for such act. In USA alone, treason is punishable by a minimum of 5 years in jail plus a fine of 10,000 USD. For graver acts, life sentence is the maximum. The traitor is not even allowed to get physically hurt because officers may face human rights violation. Today, people can now fight for their human rights unlike the case of the older eras wherein torture and death is very common and accepted in the society.

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