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What are the favorite colors for women?

What are women's absolute favorite colors on average?

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Like men, women also like the colors blue and green and women are also strongly drawn to the blue-green mix of turquoise. While pink is also a feminine favorite. Among women's least favorite colors are the neutral brown and gray.

Some of women's favorite colors are:
- Blue
- Green
- Turquoise
- Purple
- Pink
- Lavender

A poll from Joe Hallock shows women's favorite color preferences with the results as follows:
• Female Top 3 Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, Green (all cool colors)
• Female Top 3 Least Favorite Colors: Orange, Brown, Gray (warm and neutral colors)
• Among favorite colors, preferences for green decrease with age (all genders).
• Among favorite colors, preferences for purple increase with age (all genders)
• Among least favorite colors (all genders), dislike of orange increases with age.

Men's favorite colors: White, Black, Dark Blue.
Women's favorite colors: White, Black, Light Blue

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