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How to Tell an Aardvark from an Anteater?

How can you Tell the differences between an Aardvark vs an Anteater?

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Aardvark and anteaters are often mistaken as the same or of the same family. This is because they look alike and their body structure is almost the same as well as they eat the same food which are ants and termites. To help us identify and learn more about these creatures, let us look well into their differences.

General Characteristics
Anteaters are about 2 feet to 8 feet in length. They have bushy fur that would protect them from the cold nights since they opt to live and stay above ground. Aardvarks on the other hand are often mistaken as pigs because of their stout structure with long pointy ears and tail that is thick at the base and narrows down at its tip. It also has a long nose.

Aardvarks can be found in Africa while the anteaters are native to Central and South America. Aardvarks belong to Tubulidentata mammalians while the anteaters belong to the Pilosa order. Anteaters make their habitats in cold or moist environments such as riverbanks or swamps where they can gather food. They live above the ground. Aardvarks on the other hand burrow underneath the ground to sleep. Everyday, these animals make their burrows since they love to move around. Male anteaters also love to move around but the females prefer to stay in their usual place or habitat.

Food and Hunting
Aardvarks hunt during the night and sleeps during the day while anteaters hunt during the day. These two animals eat the same food, ants or termites and other bugs which is the reason why aardvarks are sometimes mistaken as ant eaters.

One similar trait of these two creatures is that they are solitary animals or animals that live alone without a pack or herd. Only mothers and their offspring live together but once they reach a mature age, they go and live on their own.

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