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How do I get my website up on a web hosting server?

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The very first step towards getting a piece of virtual real estate i.e your website is to buy a domain name. A domain name is your virtual address (like where people will come looking for your products and services. So obviously your address on the Internet must be unique.

A word about Domain names though. Domain names can't really be bought. They can only be rented out for some specific period of time say 1yr, 2yrs, 5 yrs and so on. There is an annual fee which you need to pay to keep the domain name secure with you. As soon as you stop paying for it, the domain name "expires" and may eventually become free for anyone else to acquire.

Once you have acquired a domain name, the next step is to buy space on a server at a web hosting company, which you can then upload the content of your website to. You would need to decide keeping your requirements in mind to buy a shared hosting or a dedicated one. It is possible to buy your domain name and web hosting from two different companies.

After you have uploaded your content to your web space with your web hosting company, you will need to point your domain to the physical address of your website in the server of the web host. Your web hosting company can set this up for you.

Now all that needs to be done is to type in your domain name in your browser and your website should appear on the screen if everything is configured correctly. Way to go!

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