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How much web hosting Disk Space do I need?

What is Disk Space and how much do I need for my website?

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The amount of space which you can take up on your web host's server hard drive is called Disk space.

How much Disk Space do I need?

The ideal disk space for your website is the amount in which you can sufficiently store the contents of your website. For a static website with few pages, disk space as low as 10MB is sufficient. However if your website has some interactive features like the use of web forums, videos, flash files, documents, web blog etc., then the space requirements can go up dramatically from maybe 100MB to 1GB or more. Use of pictures, animations, graphics, and video will require lots of space and push the requirement for a web host with larger disk space up.

However, as an average rule of thumb for a home business site using features like visitor's comments posting facility, contact form (which lets the user fill in his personal information right there on the site and is sent to your mail box), a small 2 min video, a few pictures and around 8-10 pages of content should do well within 50MB of space. Media rich content needs more space at the host's server and also often requires a broadband connection at the visitor's end to be able to view the content properly. With media rich content getting popular and the speed of Internet connections getting better more Web Hosting Disk space seems to be the trend of the day.

A point of caution though, the higher the disk space you have, the higher the need for more bandwidth if you end up serving out a lot of content to your sites visitors. This is because having lots of content on your site would mean more transfer of data to your website visitors which in turn will require you to have more bandwidth, which in some cases may end up costing more. So you should evaluate your exact requirements and then buy a web hosting plan that has adequate disk space. You can always start with less space and upgrade to more disk space if the need arises.

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