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How can I fix "itunes cannot sync apps to the iphone because the apps installed could not be determined"?

When I try to sync my iPhone 5, I'm getting the following iTunes error "itunes cannot sync apps to the iphone because the apps installed could not be determined". It pops up on Step 3 while preparing to sync, how can I fix this problem and sync my iPhone?

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If you are getting the following error "itunes cannot sync apps to the iphone because the apps installed could not be determined" try the following:

1) Simply Restart your iPhone, to do so hold down the Top button and the Home button at the same time until the screen goes blank (or on older iPhones, you get a Slide to turn off screen).
2) Close down iTunes.
3) Turn your iPhone back on, and resync with iTunes.

This quick and easy fix, should hopefully solve the sync apps problem on your iPhone.

Apple wants us to purchase itunes match software.

Actually, Restarting iTunes and trying again worked perfectly for me

Yes that works just restart itunes and your ipod

for me i still have problem

The restart did now work for me. I have tried just about everything else that has been posted on forums and still no luck. I noticed that is starts syncing apps but its only attempting to sync 31 of my apps. I have 98 and they are not all synced to my MBP yet.

Anyone else have any ideas?


This process of restarting both my ipod touch and restarting itunes (windows 7) worked for me also.

it is most likely because you usb cable is not in the main usb slot.

thnx me. ^_^ yes it worked ^_^..GODBLESS you

Move the USB cable. It absolutely worked.

Well, I have a fix that I'm gonna to do, (I get it all the time)....
...not getting an iPhone on next upgrade

Moving the USB cable worked for me. Thanks.

Moving the cable worked for me as well. I am working on an Asus laptop with a "quick charge" usb port that can charge devices via usb. Once i took the iPhone out of this quick charge usb port and into a regular port, it worked perfectly.

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