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What is VPS Hosting?

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

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The high cost of a dedicated server and the limitations of a shared server forced the evolution of a Virtual Private Server which is midway between a shared server and a dedicated server.

A virtual server is a way of partioning a single server into multiple servers which could run independently like a dedicated server without actually being one and provide more consistent uptime at a fraction of the cost. This means that each VPS can run its own operating server, depending on the requirement of the user and still cost less than a real dedicated one.

Advantages of VPS

VPS users now have the flexibility of installing softwares which run on the VPS Operating System, which is restricted in a shared hosting enviroment. This loads their sites with many more features pertaining to functioning and security. Some software installations like firewalls, and anti-virus programs are still prohibited but these restrictions are much less than in a shared server.

VPSes can be very convenient when it comes to testing updates on a website. Updates are first tested in a second VPS before making the actual update without requiring several physical servers.

VPSes provide power and flexibility in an isolated enviroment without the cost of a dedicated server. VPS provide for 256MB to 8GB and more of RAM depending on user's need which makes it ideal for e-commerce websites which have outgrown the limits of shared hosting server but still aren't ready for a fully dedicated server of their own.

For a business to succeed it is very important to have a reliable Virtual Hosts service provider but, anything that spells high-quality also means high-prices, It is important for a business to be very careful with its finances and investments in order to succeed in its market however, sometimes businesses do commit mistakes and make wrong decisions.

A cheap VPS hosting could either be a good thing or a bad thing, some hosting providers do not live up to their promise of 100% uptime or the service itself might be problematic, so best VPS hosting may be worth it if the services are right, as well. The most common hosting solutions which entrepreneurs avail of are managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, both the packages are perfect for ecommerce websites and for building one's online reputation. It is important to pick the right hosting package for your business, Take note that both hosting options have different prices, with VPS hosting you have full power over the installations and updates made on your server.

VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is flexible, scalable, and economical hosting solution that can fit the needs of almost any kind of website.VPS hosting bridges the gap between shared web hosting services and dedicated server hosting services.

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