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How to Choose Between a Mac or PC?

Which is a better computer? Choosing Between Mac or PC?

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People’s choices on what kind of computer they wanted to buy are determined by quite a number of factors that would be discussed below. Although both computers are well known for their quality and durability, people choose what computer they want depending on their usage such as for work, gaming, programming, or even simple email and internet browsing. Discussed below are some of the factors that a person would want to consider before choosing between mac or a PC.


Mac is more costly than a PC. Most people would always consider the price of the computer to get a better choice. Some people would risk the price of Mac to get a better computer.


Mac computers are sleek and have a taste of modernity when it comes to design. Their designs are almost the same with different Mac models but nevertheless, Mac users always love the sleek and urban style of this computer. PCs on the other hand, have a wide variety of designs that the customers can choose from. Different PC models have their own distinctive designs based on what company made them.

Security from Threats

Macs are more secure compared with PCs. This is because Macs have a different operating system and is not commonly used worldwide, making it inaccessible for virus threats and other online threats to reach the system. The operating systems used by PCs are common and often are the target of different malicious software.


Customers report less problems in installing software for PCs since PC has a lot of software that is compatible with unlike Mac which needs specific software for its operating system. The good thing with Mac is that all its software are reliable and efficient and seldom do customers have problems when it comes to threats from the software installed.


When it comes to hardware, PC and Mac have almost the same hardware. The only difference is that PC hardware is generalized and can be bought in any computer shops while Mac hardware is standardized which may take a while for the customer to look for the specific hardware.


Mac need less maintenance since the computer is less susceptible to damages from online threats, malware, or viruses because of its incompatibility with the operating system. If repair is needed, the customer would need someone who specializes with this kind of computer.

PCs on the other hand are easy to repair and often would not need specialized technician to do repairs but, since the PC is more susceptible to threats, a lot of repair would be needed. Customers can learn basic software and hardware skills and their PCs are good to go.

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