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What is the difference between Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting?

What are the differences between Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting?

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Web hosting companies provide customers one type of hosting wherein they host many websites together in a single server. This type of hosting is called Shared Hosting, where the server is shared with various other sites along with yours.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is done in order to make it hosting affordable for a large group of customers. This allows for website owners to save money on hosting their websites which do not require lots of space, or high bandwidth and that doesn't get lots of visitors to the site per day. This kind of hosting is ideal for an online business just starting up who wants to keep their expenditures under control. Shared hosting typically costs less than $10 per month and will often provide at least 50MB of disk space to store a website which is usually quite sufficient for most small business websites. The features and technology available are obviously limited to some extent, but the package is ideal for an individual or small business website owner.

Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is suited for businesses having lots of visitors per day thereby requiring high bandwidth. Dedicated hosting, as the name suggests, has lots of resources available for your website and has all the technical assistance for you anytime you need it. This type of hosting is preferred by websites conducting online businesses that want all the control to set up features like ecommerce, multiple databases, customized servers and are willing to pay a higher price. A dedicated server means that you are the only one who's websites will be on the server, unlike shared hosting.

Business owners having multiple sites also choose to go with dedicated hosting as it saves them the inconvenience of hosting various sites on shared servers. They would rather have all their sites on one dedicated server. Dedicated server can cost roughly $100 or more per month.

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