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How can I help my cat that keeps throwing up his food?

Should I groom him more? Should I provide smaller portions of cat food or a different food?

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If you find clumps of hair when he throws up, grooming him more will help. You can also find different food without the ingredients that are upsetting his stomach. The best way to go about it would be to take him in to the vet with the label from the bag of his current food. Let them know how often he’s been throwing up, how much and the color/consistency. If this is new for him, there could be something medically wrong with him more serious than food sensitivity. If not, your vet can give you better guidance in seeking out a better food source.


Stop feeding your cat dry cat food, and start feeding your cat Wet cat food twice a day. You can still leave dry cat food out for them, but make sure it's Sensitive Stomach Dry cat food. Also take your cat into the Vet and get it's bloodwork done. Your cat may have a Thyroid issue, Pancretitis, or Diabetes that is contributing to him throwing up regularly.

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