How to Unstick a Stuck Space Key on Logitech Wave Keyboard

Is your spacebar sticking on your keyboard?
by Updated June 17, 2021

So my Logitech Wave keyboard was working just fine, then all of a sudden the Space bar key got stuck in the down position. It actually happened while cleaning the keyboard and it's keys (although to be honest, at the time it happened I didn't completely realize the reason why the key was getting stuck.) 

At first I tried pulling the Space key up with my fingers, when that didn't work I went caveman on the key and started hitting it hard with my fingers to see if the key would pop back up.  Unfortunately, both attempts where not successful, so I started to think that the Space key was broken. I was actually ready to give Logitech a call in the morning to see if the wireless keyboard could be replaced for a new one, since it was still under warranty.

However, luckily I came up with better solution that worked for me and I was able to fix the stuck Space key.  Simply by using a fairly stiff piece of paper (or try using a thin flexible metal bookmark, or credit card) that fit in snuggly inbetween the keyboard crack, I was able to unstick the key that had been locked in the down position. Here's the steps to take to unstick a stuck keyboard key:

  1. To start, just to be on the safe side, I would unplug the keyboard from your computer (or turn it off, if it's a wireless keyboard)
  2. Now get a stiff piece of paper that is fairly thin (like a business card or a bookmark).
  3. Gently stick the business card in between the cracks of the stuck key(s) on the keyboard and work your way around. The card should fit fairly snug in between the cracks, so you can pull the key up as you move the card around. If paper doesn't work, try using a metal bookmark or credit card.
    •  In my case, dust or debris had gotten jammed in the crack when the space key was pushed down initially, so I needed to free the debris from the crack in order for the Spacebar key to release.
  4. After working the card around you will have hopefully loosened the debris and unstuck the key.
  5. Once you unstick the key, I would turn the keyboard on its side and blow into the cracks to try and get any loose dust out that may still be in the cracks out of the keyboard.
  6. Plug your keyboard back in, and you should be back in business!

Another, option you may want to try is get a can of compressed air (compressed air keyboard cleaner kit) to help blow out any dust between the cracks of your keyboard in order to help unstick any keys that have gotten stuck.





anonymous by YAY! on 8/25/2010
This worked Perfect. Some Cat Hair and Debris got under the bar. I used a debit card to pop the spacebar key off and wipe it down. Also blew canned air into the cracks around it.

Popped it back in and it is once flawless again..
anonymous by KristopherWindsor on 3/21/2011
Some pencil lead slipped in there, thanks.
anonymous by unknowmdude, on 4/9/2011,be,wonderin,y,imtypin,like,this,its,cuz,my,spacebar.key.doesnt,go,back,in,plz,help
anonymous by KT on 4/13/2011
Life saver this worked perfectly.
anonymous by yadayadagirl1234 on 4/14/2011
Thanks!! It really helpedd:)
anonymous by FDR on 3/15/2012
Man... this worked perfectly for me. Thanks!
BTW I had tried the 'cave man' approach first ... also without any success : )
anonymous by Abe on 3/31/2012
Thanks for your tip,I just fixed the space key :) . I think that steps must start with cave man approach, I've started with it without success either
anonymous by ms on 4/10/2012
perfect! i used a credit card. thanks for the tips!
anonymous by :O:( on 5/25/2012
anonymous by nobble on 5/11/2020

Thank you very helpful I was playing a game and got stuck jumping up and down.

anonymous by Dr. Deborah Mitchell on 12/23/2020

Yippee! I also cleaned the inside of the key area with rubbing alcohol, so there will be no more "sticking" in the future.

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