How to fix Reporting Services permissions are insufficient for performing operation (rsAccessDenied)

Learn how to configure and access SQL Server Reporting Services reports when you get The permissions granted to user 'domain\username' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccess
by Updated May 24, 2021

If you are getting the following error while trying to access or deploy a SQL Services Reporting Services (ssrs) report server on your localhost: 

The permissions granted to user 'domain\username' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)


Here's what to do: 

  1. Make sure you have access configured to the URL http://localhost/reports using the SQL Reporting Services Configuration. To do this:
    1. Open Reporting Services Configuration Manager -> then connect to the report server instance  -> then click on Report Manager URL.
    2. In the Report Manager URL page, click the Advanced button -> then in the Multiple Identities for Report Manager, click Add.
    3. In the Add a Report Manager HTTP URL popup box, select Host Header and type in: localhost
    4. Click OK to save your changes.
  2. Now start/ run Internet Explorer using Run as Administator...  
    • NOTE: If you don't see the 'Site Settings' link in the top left corner while at http://localhost/reports it is probably because you aren't running IE as an Administator or you haven't assigned your computers 'domain\username' to the reporting services roles, see how to do this in the next few steps.
  3. Then go to: http://localhost/reports   (you may have to login with your Computer's username and password)
  4. You should now be directed to the Home page of SQL Server Reporting Services here: http://localhost/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx
  5. From the Home page, click the Properties tab, then click New Role Assignment
  6. In the Group or user name textbox, add the 'domain\username' which was in the error message (in my case, I added: DOUGDELL3-PC\DOUGDELL3 for the 'domain\username', in your case you can find the domain\username for your computer in the rsAccessDenied error message).
  7. Now check all the checkboxes; Browser, Content Manager, My Reports, Publisher, Report Builder, and then click OK.
  8. Your domain\username should now be assigned to the Roles that will give you access to deploy your reports to the Report Server.  If you're using Visual Studio or SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio to deploy your reports to your local reports server, you should now be able to.
  9. Hopefully, that helps you solve your Reports Server rsAccessDenied error message...

Just to let you know this tutorial was done on a Windows 7 computer with SQL Server Reporting Services 2008.




anonymous by Francis on 8/15/2010
Great, this finally fixed my problem after a few hours of searching. Pretty incredible that when you install SSRS 2008 from scratch, one has to do all of this when I installed SQL 2008 with an admin account.
Doug by Doug on 8/15/2010

I agree, setting up SSRS could and should be much easier... I can't tell you how much time I've spent just trying to get Reporting Services to run correctly. It's nice once it's working for you, but getting it setup properly is a huge pain.
anonymous by Freese on 8/25/2010
Thanks. Fixed my problem.
anonymous by james on 10/13/2010
i don't see the properties part in the report manager page. it's all blank underneath home. how would you make it show up? i just installed it in windows 7 with SQL Server 2008
anonymous by Anonymous on 11/15/2010

I think you are using Firefox.or any browser which is not related with Microsoft. Use IE it will be solved..I think it will help you..Thank you
anonymous by Mr Mostard on 1/4/2011
In my case the button is called "Folder Settings" instead of "Properties" (SQL 2008R2).

Thanks, this one saves me a couple of hours! :)
anonymous by jack on 1/27/2011
great I can deploy my report to Report server.
anonymous by frinkfree on 2/25/2011
Awesome. Your detailed steps solved the problem. thanks
anonymous by Madhu on 6/10/2011
Really Great User Guide..!!

Thanks for your work done man..
anonymous by Jacek on 6/21/2011
Thanks. Nice, simply, precise solving.
anonymous by Kathy on 7/21/2011
Thanks a lot. It fixed the problem.
anonymous by Lenrog on 7/27/2011
Hi will this fix work if my 2008 Report server is in SharePoint Integrated mode?
anonymous by Andy on 8/29/2011
Thanks Doug..
anonymous by Sudheshna Koroth on 9/2/2011
Thank you , it worked
anonymous by Moazzam on 9/20/2011
I am using SQL treporting under sharepoint hence it is in sharepoint 2010 integrated mode, when i go to the report URL http://localhost/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx , i get

This operation is not supported on a report server that is configured to run in SharePoint integrated mode. (rsOperationNotSupportedSharePointMode) Get Online Help

Please guide
anonymous by Mortaza on 2/8/2012
Thank you, this helped me a lot!
anonymous by Mansvi on 2/9/2012
It's not working,giving the same error again.
I am working on Windows XP computer with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005.
Please help.
Thanks In Advance
anonymous by Austin on 2/21/2012
I tried this, but it didn't work. Probably because, in our case, we migrated our report server from 32 bit Windows Server 2003 to 64 bit Windows 2008 r2 standard. I was very hopefull and have added all the roles for my account and still no good.
anonymous by austin on 2/21/2012
Oops, forgot to mention it also went from SQL 2005 to 2008 r2.
anonymous by rob on 3/23/2012
SQL Server 2008 R2. This is killing me. The only thing that doesn't work for me is remote access to the report server. I've been looking for answers on this since yesterday. I wish I would get an error message or something, anything, any info. Just says IE cannot display the webpage. over and over and over again. I can access it on the actual server and I've followed every tip and instruction I can find on users/groups. I'm at a loss right now. The port is open and listening... ARRRGGHHA!!1
anonymous by daleofcourse on 4/18/2012
Thanks for that, I'd set the overall site settings but I must have created my report folder first so it only had the BUILTIN/Administrators group assigned, adding the correct group to the Folder Settings sorted this problem.
anonymous by Satty on 5/14/2012
Thnx so much ..its worth
anonymous by Ernst on 5/23/2012
Thank You! I am using SQL Server 2008 R2. The New Role Assignment was under "Folder Settings" in the Home page (as oposed to the Properties tab).
anonymous by Yousef on 6/9/2012
Great,I've been trying to get it fixed for 3 days and now i've managed to do it.Many thanks
anonymous by Rupesh on 6/17/2012
Thanks,I Had been trying the same from last 2 days..
anonymous by puneet on 6/20/2012
thanks for your article...i had a hard time figurin out why my reports are not deploying...your's article resolved my problem.....
anonymous by Matty G on 6/28/2012
Out of all the multiple social.msdn links that show up in google for this issue, yours was the only one that worked! Thanks so much!
Doug by Doug on 6/28/2012
@Matty G - Glad to hear this was the article that got things working for you!
anonymous by Guillaume on 7/11/2012
Thanks. This saved my ass after my boss asked me to investigate other options than Crystal reports. None of the MSDN links have a good Step-by-step tutorial like yours.
anonymous by fiylm on 7/26/2012
Many thanks for your tutorial that resolves
anonymous by Raja on 8/3/2012
Very Helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your help in posting
anonymous by Han on 8/10/2012
Hi Doug,

Thanks a lot. Very helpful user guide. It's working.
anonymous by mahmoud on 8/11/2012
thank you a lot it was driving me crazy and now it is solved.
anonymous by Anonymous on 8/29/2012
thank you so much.. it resolved my issue.
anonymous by Manoj on 9/7/2012
Thanks a lot!!! It worked fine for me from your recommendations..
anonymous by Komala Sampathkumar on 10/17/2012
Your post was very helpful. I fixed the issue in few minutes. Thanks a lot!!
anonymous by Anonym1 on 10/18/2012
**************** If you do NOT see the "site settings" on report manager page, refer to the following link **********
anonymous by Unknown on 10/19/2012
Thank you very much,it helps a lot.
anonymous by Tony Rodriguez on 10/30/2012
much helplful, thanks!!!
anonymous by Jolande on 11/13/2012
Thanks for the help
anonymous by link01 on 11/15/2012
Thanks! I was sick of configuring things trying to do this
anonymous by M. Scholten on 11/25/2012
Thanks a bunch; you just helped me a lot!

anonymous by Ed on 11/29/2012
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Many thanks and regards.
anonymous by Asad on 11/29/2012
great man !!! solved my problem
anonymous by SOMEONE on 2/1/2013
very very usefull sir thanks
anonymous by Aman Gupta on 2/6/2013
I have done all the steps mentioned by you...
But reports are running from Administrator account only not from other users...

Please help...
anonymous by sai ram on 2/14/2013
nice post
anonymous by pp on 3/6/2013
anonymous by Indrashish Saha on 3/14/2013
Thanks a ton
anonymous by trl on 3/14/2013
Many many thanks
anonymous by Adnan on 3/21/2013
Great work!!! Thank mate
anonymous by wsocha on 3/27/2013
Thank you for the step by step instructions. Installed to SQL 2012 with VS 2010. Screen shots are a bit different, but once I gained access using IE running as administrator, I was able to add my local admin account with full privileges. I can now access with Chrome.
anonymous by Ani on 4/4/2013
Thanks man....
anonymous by Nadhamuni Pedisetty on 5/2/2013
Your details explanation to solve the issue helped a lot and resolved the issue
anonymous by Rajeev Kumar on 5/28/2013
It is very helpful article. I got resolved my issue. Thanks for the help. :)
anonymous by Hartmut on 6/11/2013
Thanks for the step by step instruction.
anonymous by Harish on 6/15/2013
Awesome...thanks a lot....
After 2 weeks googling , finally i am able to configure report server on my local machine or personal laptop you can say...
but this applicable for IE not for google chrome
anonymous by Simon Kingston on 6/20/2013
You sir, rock! Thanks for taking the time to post such detailed steps. btw, on step 5, I had to click Folder Settings rather than Properties.
anonymous by Lucy on 6/26/2013
you're awesome! this resolved my issue!
thank you!!
anonymous by Gregor on 8/21/2013
you're a life saver...
anonymous by Roji on 9/21/2013
Good, finally i was able to solve my report publishing issue
anonymous by Manolo on 10/3/2013
I followed all the steps in this tutorial (amazing, thanks), but when I go to Visual Studio-> right click, Deploy, always appear the popup window with username and password. I use the correct account name (the same as I configured in previous step), but I can't deploy the report, always show the same error :(

Any idea?

anonymous by Prashant T on 11/19/2013
Helpful article. I got my problem fixed following he steps .
anonymous by Paul on 11/29/2013
Even having been through SSRS configuration a number of times, I still need to Google this stuff. Thanks for the posting, I think the key thing is that it seems to be the individual user that needs to have access. Just being a member of a group that has the role defined doesn't necessarily seem to cut it. Either way, the steps worked for me this time...
anonymous by Doug on 1/14/2014
I agree with Paul, it does not work if you try and use a security group from your windows AD. I had to enter each person individually. This became an issue when moving SSRS from a Windows 2008 standard server to a Windows 2008 R2 64 bit server. Don't know if it is related but that is the only difference.
anonymous by Jeff on 1/14/2014
Excellent article. Fixed me right up. For once it was nice to have to dig through a ton of documents to the answer I needed.
anonymous by Ellen on 1/30/2014
I have windows 8.1 and I can't follow this ... Please help with a fix in Windows 8.1?
anonymous by Nishant on 2/24/2014
Hello Doug,
i've been trying to resolve this problem for over 1 week now (more than 60 hours) and havent been able to proceed any further.

Often webpages i come across ask me to make some config changes from Report Manager web interface (which i can not open) and this tutorial/steps is the best i've found, but I can go so far as 2nd step only.

The browser doesn't redirect as mentioned on the steps.

Additional Info -
BIDS for report,
SQL Server 2012

Service Account (in Configuration Manager) -> Use built in account -> ReportServer$SQLEXPRESS

Web Service URL (Virtual Dir):

Report Manager URL:
anonymous by Vikas on 2/25/2014
Great Work
It solve problem
anonymous by Cloudsion on 5/14/2014
Worked Great! Now I got the next error when I try to connect. sql server express 2014 ssrs report "A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server)"
anonymous by Hugo on 6/10/2014
Great! after 1 day of test and error!
The problem was for localhost!!!
anonymous by Thank you on 7/26/2014

You Sir are a genius

anonymous by Ashok Kumar on 8/4/2014

Great, Very nice solution for me ,Thank you !

anonymous by Jaysys on 10/2/2014

My issue is that the SSRS is in a different domain and when I go to the reports web site, IE or any browser seems to be using my cashed credentials, so I get that error msg listed in this article, so how do you get SSRS to prompt you instead of just using my current log in? Surprise no one has brought that up in this thread... I'm logged into domain X, domain Y has my SSRS server. But every time I go to SSRS website in domain Y, it errors out and says user in X doesn't have permission. I want it to prompt for a user name so i can use my Y domain user. Domain X and Y do not have a trust and are completely separated.

anonymous by Krishna on 1/24/2015

You are Great!That solved my problems.Thanks a lot!

anonymous by Marius on 5/12/2015

It helps me a lot. Thank you

anonymous by David on 6/24/2015

Thanks for the help.

anonymous by Stig on 7/27/2015

Still works on SQL2012 :-) Thanks, and thanks for the comments also, those actually helped understanding also :-)

anonymous by killi on 8/18/2015

Thank you. This helped to solve my problem.

anonymous by piccolo on 4/30/2016

This still work in SQL2014.
Thanks a lot. I have been fighting this silly issue for days...

anonymous by YJobira on 5/17/2016

Thank you very much!. After many hours of searching and frustration, I was be able to use your information to fix my issue as well as better understand why the problem was happening-not having the right permission. Thanks

anonymous by hang on 8/11/2016


anonymous by Guillaume on 9/15/2016

Thanks Guy!
That solved my problem after searching many hours on Microsoft Helps!

anonymous by MrBoulier on 7/15/2017

many thanks to you !!!!! But i don't thank microsoft at all ! So many hours spent for this problem never documented by micro$oft !

anonymous by Ultra on 7/10/2018

Thank you! I have been trying to get report server working from long time..

anonymous by CITG on 8/8/2019

Thanks, excellent

anonymous by RA_T on 3/10/2022

Thanks it worked for me

anonymous by N03L on 7/21/2022

I know this is really old and if anyone is still using SharePoint 2010 with SQL(SSRS) 2008R2, I feel for you but just in case, I found that the fact that my datasource, RSDS file, not being approved was causing users with Read permission to the report and data connection library was the reason for the same error.
Approving the RSDS file solved the users issue.

anonymous by Tod on 12/21/2022

Well I am running Windows 11 and Internet Explorer is not available it is replaced by Edge. The fix above doesn't work in Windows 11 so how to get access to Reporting Services on Windows 11 is unclear...

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