How to Get SSRS External Images to Show in IIS7

External Images not showing in SQL Server Reporting Services within IIS7?

I recently dealt with an issue of external images not showing in Reporting Services (SSRS) report viewer control within an IIS7 website.  When the IIS7 website had it's Application Pool's Managed Pipeline Mode set to "Classic", the external images showed up just fine.  But once the Managed Pipeline was changed to "Integrated", the images would not render within reports. 

I came to realize that the reason for this was that my image files were located within the /admin/ folder of the website, thus only Users assigned to an Admin role had access to the directory.  I didn't want to change the location of the image files (although I probably should have), so in order for the external images to show up in the Report Viewer control, I simply gave all users access to the admin/reportingservices/images directory within the web.config file. See below:

  <location path="admin/reportingservices/images">
            <allow users="*" />

That's what solved my problem of external images not showing up in SSRS reports.




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