How to Recycle Your Dell Computer Equipment for Free at Staples


Not sure what to do with your old Dell computer equipment?  If you have Dell computer equipment lying around that no longer works or you don't use, why not recycle it for free at Staples.  Here's the details on how to recycle Dell computer equipment at Staples for free (according to Dell):

Recycle for Free at Staples

Dell really wants to make recycling technology easy for you. So much so that we have partnered with Staples to allow Dell customers to drop off used electronics at any Staples U.S. location for free! Now, you can pick from 1,500 stores across the U.S. to recycle your computer. While recycling other brands of computers costs $10, Dell customers can take advantage of Staples' in-store recycling program at no cost. Bring in any number of Dell-branded computers, monitors, fax machines, printers or peripherals to your closest store. No purchase necessary.

Here's how it works:
  • Bring your old computers, monitors, laptops,
  • For all brands other than Dell, a recycling fee of $10 per piece for large
  • Worried about your data? Staple's EasyTech service is available on-site in all stores to transfer data from an old computer to a new one.
  • equipment is charged to cover handling, transport, product disassembly and recycling. Smaller computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speakers and
    modems can be recycled for free.
  • printers, faxes and all-in-one devices to any Staples U.S. store and drop them
    off at the customer service desk. All brands are accepted for secure recycling,
    regardless of where they were purchased. Find a store near you!

More information:



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