How to Recycle and Get Cashback for Old Injet Printer and Toner Cartridges

by Updated July 17, 2013

Do you know that your used printer inkjet and toner cartridges can be recycled? Yes, you can definitely use them again. You can even earn money from them after they've run out of ink. Below are the steps on how you can do just that.

1.) Go to OfficeMax, Office Depot or Staples and give your used toner cartridges or printer inkjets to them. In return, these establishments can give you credits which you can use to avail discounts from all of their products. If you can’t find any of these establishments near your area, then you can just settle for a place that accepts these things. However, you won’t be able to receive any money from them.

2.) OfficeMax – If you are a member of MaxPerks, then expect to get $3 credit for each HP, Lexmark or Dell toner or ink cartridge that you hand in to them. You can give a maximum of ten toner and ink cartridges to this establishment on a weekly basis.

3.) Office Depot – This establishment has the Worklife Recycling Rewards program which offers $3 credit for inkjet cartridges that have the Office Depot, HP, Dell and Lexmark brand on them. On the other hand, Office Depot, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother, HP, Dell and Canon are the brands accepted for toner cartridges. You can hand in a maximum of five ink cartridges on a regular basis.

4.) Staples – This place has the Staples Rewards which provides $3 credit for each Kodak, Dell Lexmark or HP toner or inkjet cartridges that you hand in to them.

5.) Best Buy – The door of this establishment has a recycling kiosk inside it where you would be able to leave your inkjet cartridge. However, they don’t take in toner cartridges.

6.) Walgreens – This place accepts inkjet cartridges as well. They can even refill your cartridges for a certain amount of money. This option allows you to save Mother Earth at the same time.

7.) FedEx Kinkos – This establishment provides you with the envelope that you would need to store your toner and inkjet cartridges before you send them to one of the places mentioned above that recycles ink cartridges.

8.) United States Postal Service – Post offices can also provide you with free prepaid mail-back envelopes that you can use not only for your inkjet cartridges but also for your PDAs, digital cameras, cellular phones and other small devices.

9.) Fundraising – If you want to raise funds for a good cause with the use of your toner and inkjet cartridges, then you can visit,, and Work with the people from these websites for you to be able to start your fundraising activity.

10.) Library - Check with your local library, as they may have a program to recycle used inkjet cartridges.


Additional Tips:

Never negotiate with a recycling website that doesn’t have a solid reputation. Scam artists are all over the Web so be careful.

If you have a printing business, then you are recommended to give your cartridges to establishments which are willing to give your credits.



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