How to Remove Cover and Open Case of Dell XPS 8000

Directions on how to open the case for a Dell XPS 8000 desktop computer.
by Updated April 24, 2012

Taking the cover off of a Dell XPS 8000 computer can be a bit of a mystery if you have never removed it before.  Here's how to open the case of a Dell XPS 8000 for the first time:

  1. At the back of the Dell XPS 8000 case, remove the screw just below the hand grip, this screw holds on the side panel.
  2. After removing the screw, pull straightback on the side panels hand grip, (the hand grip is just next to the chassis fan). You may have to give it a good pull to open the case of the XPS 8000. 
    • Note:  It's much easier to pull off the side panel if you put the XPS 8000 on its side (preferably on some soft material like your carpet so you don't scratch its side).
  3. Once you've pulled the side panel back about an inch or so, you can lift off the panel cover and get inside your Dell XPS 8000.


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