How to Move & Position the Cursor within Text on iPhone

Use the iPhone magnifying glass to position the cursor exactly where you want.
by Updated November 27, 2018

When writing out a text message on the iPhone (or iPod), you may need to go back and correct a spelling mistake that you wrote.  Positioning the cursor in the exact location to make a change isn't always easy unless you know how to bring up the magnifying glass. The iPhone magniftying glass allows you to move and position the cursor exactly where you want it. 

Before I knew how to bring up the magnifying glass, I would just try to get close enough to where I wanted to make a text change, which usually meant I had to delete text and re-type things that I really shouldn't have had to otherwise.  To get around this problem, you'll definitely want to start using the iPhone magnifying glass if you aren't already using it.

To bring up the iPhone magnifying glass to help you position the cursor in just the right spot within text, do the following:

  1. On your iPhone, near a spelling mistake or text you want to change, hold down your finger on the iPhone screen for 2 to 3 seconds and a magnifying glass will pop-up.
  2. Now just move your finger around to place the cursor in the exact location you want within the text.
  3. Once you have the cursor positioned where you want, release your finger from the iPhone screen.

The magnifying glass is extremely useful, especially if you write alot of text messages or emails using your iPhone.

UPDATE: How to Move the Cursor on iPhone using the Space Bar





anonymous by Jared on 1/16/2011
I've had my iPhone 3GS for over a year and only just thought of looking up how to do this! Thanks for the tip, I've always done what you used to do, backspace into the word. :D
anonymous by Shahin on 4/14/2011
Very nice instruction. I like it. Thanx.
anonymous by mipsl on 6/22/2011
Thank you so much - editing text without this hint is a real pain
anonymous by yes! on 8/26/2011
very helpful thanks. sometimes by double-clicking within the word I could get the cursor in there but not always, this is much better.
anonymous by Guest 1 on 12/31/2011
Great tip, thanks.
anonymous by Prashant on 1/16/2012
Thanks! Very useful, I used to delete the whole word or sentence just to rectify some spelling errors.
anonymous by Nanit on 1/18/2012
Thanks alot! :) Nice Tip.
anonymous by WaveRider on 1/27/2012
Excellent tip! Thanks a lot
anonymous by JC REYES on 2/14/2012
TNX ...very useful
anonymous by JGW on 3/25/2012
Wonderful! I needed that tip. Much appreciated
anonymous by Shirlee on 12/9/2012
I did it without the magnifying glass. The cursor went backwards without deleting any letters. Does anyone know how to repeat this???? Looking everywhere to find out how I did this, TWICE!!!
anonymous by XaXZ on 5/1/2013
I found the solution for long term question! Thanks
anonymous by me on 9/10/2013
super! thanks
anonymous by Meraj on 3/12/2014
Excellent info thanx s lot
anonymous by JT on 6/6/2014
Thank you for this!!!! I never realized the magnifying glass allowed you to do that, and thus have experienced considerable frustration!
anonymous by NN on 4/10/2015

This does not work with iPhone 5
Was ok with 4, could be OS issue
When in magnifying glass mode, curser jumps all over the place. Takes a dozen or more tries, or I give up and start all over.
Thor is only true in texting. Web page like this are fine

anonymous by NP on 10/15/2015

I just found this! Perfect! I've been doing it the wrong way for years! Thank you!!!

anonymous by Patsy on 11/9/2015

Oh my gosh, this tip has literally saved my sanity. I text a lot my phone as well as typing emails, etc. I'm always fighting with the cursor, trying to position it in exactly the right place. Very often all I want to do is throw this iPhone out the window because of this. Thank you for your tip.

anonymous by NarenB on 11/27/2018

On iPhone 8 I just press the space bar and I am able to easily place the cursor either right or left , top or bottom by moving the thumb on the presses space bar in the direction I wish the cursor to move. It’s very fast and accurate and there is no need of using the magnifying glass

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