How to Stay Cool in the Summer Without Air Conditioning

Tips to stay cool on a hot summer night.

Is this summer season too hot for you without the presence of your homes air conditioning unit? If it is, then use the steps below to create a cooler home for you and your family so you can prevent your body from absorbing all the summers heat.

I. Creating a Cooler Home

1.) Install an exterior door which can be locked and doesn’t prevent air from getting in and out of your home.

2.) Put air vents in your attic. These features would certainly help improve the overall temperature of your home.

3.) If you can find a whole-house fan, then install one to your home. This item would direct the hot air to get out from the vents in your attic. You can also open all the doors which can be found in your basement for you to take advantage of your whole-house fan.

4.) If you have a central air system and a basement, then let your basement have a cold air return. This should be installed by a HVAC professional for you to be able to send cold air all over your home.

5.) Plant trees especially those deciduous one. Trees can block the sun beating down on your house, and help send cool air inside your home. They can even help maintain the condition of your yard by providing the shade that it needs.

6.) Make sure that your home has proper insulation. Be certain that its attic and walls are well insulated for your whole family to be able to survive the summer season. Check for government grants that would help lessen your cost for your home’s insulation.

7.) As for your roof, it should be of light color for the heat of the sun to be reflected from your home instead of being absorbed by it.

8.) Place white fabrics in all of your rooms. Opt for white linen slipcovers, pillowcases and bed sheets. Actually, you don’t have to stick with the color white, you can go for any color as long as it has a lighter shade and hue.

9.) Make sure that your pilot light is not set too high on your gas stove. This would only make your kitchen or living room hotter than it already is. Thus, take the time to adjust your pilot light correctly.

10.) Try not to produce steam inside your home while it’s still broad daylight. Never take a hot shower in the morning. Make sure that your dishwasher has no rips and breaks and that it is in good condition. Make sure that the lids to your pots are fitted tightly as well.

11.) All of your heat sources should be turned off during the day. Use your microwave to heat the food that is in your refrigerator. Don’t bake or cook any food in the morning.

12.) Create a do it yourself air conditioning unit. You just have to place a bowl of salted ice before a fan and let the fan blow over it for the cold air to reach you.

13.) Purchase as many fans as you want for your home. Buy fans for your attic, upstairs windows and ceiling for the hot air to get outside of your house. You can also consider getting a portable fan for you and your family.

14.) During the hottest part of the day, close the windows, exterior doors, curtains and blinds of your home. This would prevent the heat of the sun to get inside your house.

15.) When the night time comes, make sure that you leave the kitchen cabinets, closets, interior doors and some of the windows of your home open. This will help the cool night time air get inside your house and cool things down as you sleep the night away.

II. Cooling Yourself

1.) Envision cool places. This will help you set your mind to somehow forget about the heat that you’re feeling. Watch films such as "Ice Age" and "March of the Penguins" or read anything about countries and tourist spots which have cool climates such as Norway and Mount Everest.

2.) Go to the lowest part of your home. This can be the lower level or even the basement of your house. Cooler air can be found in these areas, so go there and lie on the floor.

4.) Drink cool beverages and eat foods that are appropriate for the weather. These things can help alleviate your feeling too. Go for cucumbers, watermellon, shakes, cold teas, smoothies etc.

5.) Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather as well. Your outfits should be of lighter shades and hues. Follow the latest summer fashion trend if you want to. Just wear garments that you are completely comfortable with for you not to feel suffocated for the hot summer season.

6.) Simply hydrate yourself. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Drink more ice cold glasses of water if you feel the need to. This can certainly keep you cool for the whole day.

7.) When you’re sitting inside your home, try to stay still. Try not to furiously fan yourself because your movements would only cause you to sweat more. Just stay calm until the cooler night arrives.

8.) Place a satin sheet on your bed. Use satin or silk pillowcases as well. These materials would help you feel cooler and allow you to sleep soundly for the rest of the night.



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