How to Sleep Cool and Comfortably on Hot Summer Nights

Sleeping tips for getting through hot summer nights in comfort.

How can you quickly doze off on a hot summer night? Well, simply read below this article and know the steps how.

Create a Bed Which Has a Lower Temperature

1.) Get some freezer bags and place the cases of your pillow, your blanket and even your bed sheet into those bags. Open your freezer and let the bags stay in that compartment for at least 24 hours. Take them out and lay the cooled fabrics on your bed before you go to sleep.

2.) Purchase some “blue ice” from a grocery store. Place them in socks and put them below your bed at night.

3.) You also have the option to buy buckwheat futons and pillows. These things don’t have the capacity to absorb the heat of your body keeping you comfortable as you go to sleep.

4.) If you want to try out something new, then you can make a bamboo or a straw mat as you bed. This kind of mat can help you save money and have a blissful sleep at the same time.

5.) Produce a damp top sheet and use a slightly wet blanket to comfort all throughout the night.

6.) Sleep on a cot or a hammock. If you don’t want to do so, then you can doze off on a raised bed. This type of bed makes you more open to the cold air giving you the comfort and convenience that you want.

Lower Down Your Body Temperature

1.) Let cold water run down your inner arm and wrists for a few seconds. This step would certainly let you have a lower body temperature.

2.) Have a damp face and position yourself in front of an electric fan before you go sleep.

3.) You can gently apply a cool washcloth on every part of your body. Another alternative is for you to take a bath or a cool shower. After that, go to sleep and simply let allow the air to completely make you dry.

4.) Doze off inside your basement if it’s clean or simply sleep on the lower part of your home if you have more than one house floor. You can sleep on the sofa if that’s comfortable for you.

5.) You can also consider sleeping without any clothes on. If this method works for you, then you can turn it into a habit that will help you get through every single night.

6.) Do the “spread-eagle” position while sleeping. To be in this position, you just need to widely extend your arms and legs for you to prevent having warmer limbs.

7.) Get your sleeping gown or shirt damp. Doze off while wearing that garment for you to momentarily forget about the heat from outside your room.

8.) Put on damp socks as you go to sleep. By setting your feet in a low temperature, you are also slowly cooling down every part of your body. Thus, get the socks that you are most comfortable with and have it slightly wet before you go to bed.

Your Home Made Air Conditioning Unit

1.) Get 2 chairs. Tie the separate ends of a wet towel in these chairs and put ice cubes inside the towel. Let a fan blow over the cubes and direct the cold air towards you.

2.) If a towel’s too risky for you, then you can get a solid container and put the ice cubes inside it. Place the container in the same position as the towel in step 1.

3.) Have proper ventilation inside your room. Place a fan (preferably a larger one) near you and open your windows if it’s not dangerous.



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