How to Locate a Lost iPhone

How can I find my iphone that's been lost.
by Updated September 18, 2013

Losing your iPhone can be a total disaster. Not only can all of your personal information be exposed to the public without your consent, but you then would need to have the money to purchase a new iphone. Losing this expensive gadget is not something you want to happen, so below you can learn some ways you can recover your device as soon as possible.

I. Get the "Find My iPhone" Application

1.) If you have a PC from Apple or another iOS gadget, then get the Find My iPhone app for these devices. If you can’t find the app in these items, then grab it from the app store. Then, log into the application for you to see the map of your phone’s location.

2.) Click the button which shows Devices. Select your iPhone from the list for you to know the exact location of your phone. If your device has been turned off or has no battery life, you would only be able to see the last known location of your gadget.

3.) Have a notification sent to your phone. This would make your device ring loudly for 2 minutes for you to be able to find it inside your home or workplace.

4.) If you have lost your phone outside your home, then you would need to track it. Click on the Lost Mode on your other iOS gadget. Enter a lock code for your lost device. You can also enter other information such as your contact phone number and a short message. After doing this step, your phone would be locked and you would see its location on your other gadget.

5.) Remove all of your phone’s data. This is the least you can do if you can’t really find your phone. Click on the button which says Erase iPhone on your other iOS gadget for you to delete all of your information from your lost device. However, if you get to find your phone, then just recover your data with the use of your iTunes backup.

II. Alternative Software

1.) If you have a jailbroken iPhone, then you can look for your lost device on the website of iLocalis. It works like the Find My iPhone app and it can even provide you with your phone’s new number if ever the culprit purchases a new sim card.

2.) You can also use the free software called iHound to find your iPhone. This program sends you a notification once your lost device is being plugged to a PC. It provides you with the exact location of your phone. It also allows you to apply geofencing location alerts.

3.) Buy the If Found app for your iPhone for it to have personalized background wallpaper that would contain your contact information which can be used by the other party to reach you and return your phone.

III. Use Social Networking Sites

1.) Inform your friends in your social networking accounts that you have lost your phone. If you have set your iPhone to post daily tweets on your account, then you can use the FindMe app for you to be able to get the cell ID of GSM tower from where your tweets are coming from.

IV. Inform the Police

1.) Visit police stations near the area where you have lost your device. Someone might have handed your iPhone to these places.

V. How to Avoid Losing Your iPhone

  • Place it in a secure pouch whenever you need to do an outdoor activity or get an iPhone lanyard case.
  • If you’re going to put your device inside your pocket or even in your bag, make sure that they don’t      have any holes in them.




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