How to Listen to Atlanta Braves Radio and Stream Games Live Online (MLB Radio)

How do I listen to Atlanta Braves baseball games streaming online or iphone?
by Updated October 15, 2020

Atlanta Braves

Start listening to Atlanta Braves baseball games on local radio from over 150 radio stations (AM & FM) across the United States (see below for all Braves radio station listings). The flagship stations for the Braves are 680 WCNN AM the Fan and News Radio 106.7 FM in Atlanta, Georgia.

Listen to Braves Games on Mobile Device

Android: To listen to Atlanta Braves games on your Android phone, Android tablet and Kindle Fire, you'll want to download the TuneIn Radio app for Android or the MLB At Bat for Android, and make an in-app sign up for At Bat Premium (only a couple dollars/month), which gives you access to every live home and away radio broadcast.

Apple: To listen to Atlanta Braves games on your Apple device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), download the TuneIn Radio app or the MLB At Bat iPhone app and MLB At Bat iPad app, and make an in-app sign up for At Bat Premium (small monthly fee), which will give you access to all home and away major league baseball game radio broadcasts.

In order to stream the live audio of Atlanta Braves games online you'll need to make an in-app purchase for MLB At Bat Premium (FREE trial), which allows you to listen to every single Regular Season and Postseason game LIVE online (no blackout restrictions). MLB At Bat also gives you access to watch the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day and get In-Game Highlights.

Watch and Listen to Braves Games Streaming Online

1) Streaming Media: Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, Sling TV

2) See more wyas to watch here: How to watch Atlanta Braves Games Online

Atlanta Braves Radio Network

Here's where you can start listening to Atlanta Braves baseball games locally on the radio from the Atlanta Braves Radio Network:

State City Station Frequency DMA
AL Auburn WAUD-AM 1230 Columbus, GA
AL Auburn-Tallassee W266BJ-FM 101.1 Columbus, GA
AL Birmingham-Hoover WJOX-AM 690 Birmingham
AL Birmingham-Tuscaloosa WJOX-FM 94.5 Birmingham
AL Birmingham-Tuscaloosa WJQX-FM 100.5 Birmingham
AL Brewton WKNU-FM 106.3 Mobile-Pensacola
AL Cullman WKUL-FM 92.1 Birmingham
AL Florence WYTK-FM 93.9 Huntsville
AL Foley WHEP-AM 1310 Mobile-Pensacola
AL Foley W223AX-FM 92.5 Mobile-Pensacola
AL Guntersville-Albertville WTWX-FM 95.9 Huntsville
AL Huntsville WUMP-AM 730 Huntsville
AL Madison WUMP-FM 103.9 Huntsville
AL Montgomery WLWI-AM 1440 Montgomery
AL Oxford-Anniston WVOK-AM 1580 Birmingham
AL Thomasville-Jackson WJDB-FM 95.5 Mobile-Pensacola
AL Troy WTBF-AM 970 Dothan, AL
AL Troy W242DA-FM 96.3 Dothan, AL
FL Crestview WJSB-AM 1050 Mobile-Pensacola
FL Ft. Walton Beach-Destin WAAZ-FM 104.7 Mobile-Pensacola
FL Panama City WGSX-FM 104.3 Panama City
FL Tallahassee WTSM-FM 97.9 Tallahassee, FL
GA Adairsville W269CC-FM 101.7 Atlanta
GA Albany WNUQ-FM 102.1 Albany, GA
GA Americus WISK-FM 98.7 Columbus, GA
GA Athens WRFC-AM 960 Atlanta
GA Atlanta WCNN-AM 680 Atlanta
GA Atlanta W229AG-FM 93.7 Atlanta
GA Atlanta WNNX-FM 100.5 Atlanta
GA Brunswick-Saint Simons WSFN-AM 790 Jacksonville, FL
GA Brunswick-Saint Simons W279BC-FM 103.7 Jacksonville, FL
GA Calhoun WJTH-AM 900 Atlanta
GA Carrollton WLBB-AM 1330 Atlanta
GA Carrollton WBTR-FM 92.1 Atlanta
GA Cartersville WBHF-AM 1450 Atlanta
GA Cartersville W262CD-FM 100.3 Atlanta
GA Claxton WCLA-AM 1470 Savannah
GA Claxton W229AJ-FM 93.7 Savannah
GA Cochran WDXQ-AM 1440 Macon
GA Cochran W244CL-FM 96.7 Macon
GA Columbus WLTC-HD2 105.5 Columbus, GA
GA Cornelia WCON-AM 1450 Atlanta
GA Cornelia-NE Georgia WCON-FM 99.3 Atlanta
GA Dalton WBLJ-AM 1230 Chattanooga, TN
GA Dalton WDAL-AM 1430 Chattanooga, TN
GA Dalton WYYU-FM 104.5 Chattanooga, TN
GA Donalsonville-Bainbridge WGMK-FM 106.3 Tallahassee, FL
GA Dublin W271CI-FM 102.1 Macon, GA
GA Ellijay WLJA-FM 101.1 Atlanta
GA Ellijay WPGY-AM 1580 Atlanta
GA Ellijay W229CE-FM 93.7 Atlanta
GA Fort Valley WXKO-AM 1150 Macon, GA
GA Gainesville WGGA-AM 1240 Atlanta
GA Gainesville W233CO-FM 94.5 Atlanta
GA Greensboro WDDK-FM 103.9 Atlanta
GA Griffin WKEU-AM 1450 Atlanta
GA Griffin W272DM-FM 102.3 Atlanta
GA Hiawassee WJUL-AM 1230 Atlanta
GA Hiawassee W249DB-FM 97.7 Atlanta
GA Jesup WLOP-AM 1370 Savannah
GA Jesup WIFO-FM 105.5 Savannah
GA La Grange WTRP-AM 620 Atlanta
GA Louisville WPEH-AM 1420 Augusta, GA
GA Louisville WPEH-FM 92.1 Augusta, GA
GA Macon W226BZ-FM 93.1 Macon, GA
GA Milledgeville WMVG-AM 1450 Macon
GA Milledgeville WKZR-FM 102.3 Macon, GA
GA Monroe WKUN-AM 1490 Atlanta
GA Moultrie WMTM-AM 1300 Albany, GA
GA Moultrie W286BO-FM 105.1 Tallahassee, FL
GA Pelham-Camilla WQLI-FM 92.3 Tallahassee, FL
GA Pinehurst WCEH-FM 98.3 Macon, GA
GA Rochelle WWKM-FM 93.1 Macon
GA Rome WLAQ-AM 1410 Atlanta
GA Sandersville WSNT-AM 1490 Macon, GA
GA Sandersville WSNT-FM 99.9 Macon, GA
GA Savannah WSEG-AM 1400 Savannah, GA
GA Savannah W282AR-FM 104.3 Savannah, GA
GA Swainsboro WJAT-AM 800 Augusta, GA
GA Swainsboro W259AK-FM 99.1 Augusta, GA
GA Thomaston WTGA-AM 1590 Atlanta
GA Thomaston WTGA-FM 101.1 Atlanta
GA Thomasville WPAX-AM 1240 Tallahassee, FL
GA Thomasville W279BD-FM 103.7 Tallahassee, FL
GA Trenton WKWN-AM 1420 Chattanooga, TN
GA Trenton W267CX-FM 101.3 Chattanooga, TN
GA Valdosta WJEM-AM 1150 Valdosta, GA
GA Valdosta W232DB-FM 94.3 Valdosta, GA
GA Vidalia WVOP-AM 970 Savannah, GA
GA Vidalia WYUM-FM 101.7 Savannah, GA
GA Warner Robins W290BD-FM 105.9 Macon, GA
GA Waycross-Blackshear WFNS-AM 1350 Jacksonville, FL
GA Waycross-Blackshear W253CI-FM 98.5 Jacksonville, FL
GA West Point WRLA-AM 1490 Columbus, GA
GA Winder WJBB-AM 1300 Atlanta
GA Winder W296CX-FM 107.1 Atlanta
KY Greenville-Central City WNTC-FM 103.9 Nashville, TN
KY Louisville WXVW-AM 1450 Louisville, KY
KY Louisville W241CK-FM 96.1 Louisville, KY
MS Pascagoula-Moss Point WPMO-AM 1580 Mobile-Pensacola
NC Asheville WPEK-AM 880 Greenville-Spartanburg
NC Asheville W225CJ-FM 92.9 Greenville-Spartanburg
NC Cherryville WCSL-AM 1590 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Cherryville W222CO-FM 92.3 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Gastonia WGNC-AM 1450 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Gastonia W266DC-FM 101.1 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Lincolnton WLON-AM 1050 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Lincolnton W298CK-FM 107.5 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Mooresville WHIP-AM 1350 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Mooresville W257EJ-FM 99.3 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Rutherfordton WCAB-AM 590 Greenville-Spartanburg
NC Rutherfordton W265DW-FM 100.9 Greenville-Spartanburg
NC Shelby WOHS-AM 1390 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Shelby W268CU-FM 101.5 Charlotte-Gastonia
NC Waynesville WMXF-AM 1400 Greenville-Spartanburg
SC Camden WCAM-AM 1590 Columbia, SC
SC Camden-Lugoff WPUB-FM 102.7 Columbia, SC
SC Charleston WQSC-AM 1340 Charleston, SC
SC Charleston W253BW-FM 98.5 Charleston, SC
SC Florence WWFN-FM 100.1 Florence, SC
SC Greenville WGVL-AM 1440 Greenville-Spartanburg
SC Hilton Head Island W243CZ-FM 92.7 Savannah, GA
SC Manning WYMB-AM 920 Florence, SC
SC Union WBCU-AM 1460 Greenville-Spartanburg
SC Union W278BE-FM 103.5 Greenville-Spartanburg
TN Chattanooga WALV-FM 105.1 Chattanooga, TN
TN Cleveland WCLE-AM 1570 Chattanooga, TN
TN Cleveland WCLE-FM 104.1 Chattanooga, TN
TN Lawrenceburg WDXE-AM 1370 Huntsville-Decatur
TN Lawrenceburg W290DL-FM 95.3 Huntsville-Decatur
TN Lawrenceburg W287AA-FM 105.3 Huntsville-Decatur
TN Lenoir City-Farragut WLIL-AM 730 Knoxville, TN
TN Lenoir City-Farragut W274BZ-FM 102.7 Knoxville, TN
TN Lewisburg WJJM-AM 1490 Nashville, TN
TN Lewisburg W223CY-FM 92.5 Nashville, TN
TN Murfreesboro-Smyrna WGNS-AM 1450 Nashville, TN
TN Murfreesboro-Smyrna W263AI-FM 100.5 Nashville, TN
TN Murfreesboro-Smyrna W270AF-FM 101.9 Nashville, TN
TN Nashville-Brentwood WNSR-AM 560 Nashville, TN
TN Nashville-Brentwood-Franklin W240CA-FM 95.9 Nashville, TN
TN Pigeon Forge WPFT-FM 106.3 Knoxville, TN
TN Sevierville WSEV-FM 105.5 Knoxville, TN
TN Winchester WCDT-AM 1340 Chattanooga, TN
TN Winchester W295AV-FM 106.9 Chattanooga, TN
VA Roanoke WFJX-AM 910 Roanoke-Lynchburg
VA Roanoke W282CK-FM 104.3 Roanoke-Lynchburg


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Tired of not being able to at least listen to Atlanta braves baseball!! 

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