How to Listen to Chicago Cubs Radio and Stream Games Live Online (MLB Radio)

How can I hear Chicago Cubs baseball games streaming online?
by Updated April 22, 2022

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs baseball games play-by-play live action can be heard on the radio locally on 40+ stations in over six states (see below for all of the Chicago Cubs Radio Network stations). To listen to Chicago Cubs radio from their flagship station in Chicago tune into THE SCORE 670-AM WSCR, as well as on Spanish Radio in Chicago at WRTO 1200 AM.

Watch and Listen to Cubs Games Streaming Online

1) Streaming MediaAmazon Prime Video, ESPN+

2) See more ways to watch Cubs here: How to Watch Chicago Cubs Games

Chicago Cubs Radio Network

To start listening to Chicago Cubs baseball games locally on the radio from the Cubs Radio Network find a station below:


WSCR -- 670AM -- Chicago, IL

WRTO --1200 AM -- Chicago, IL (Spanish)

WGKC -- 105.9FM -- Champaign, IL

WDZ -- 1050AM -- Decatur, IL

WAKO -- 103.1FM -- Lawrenceville, IL

WLDS -- 1180AM -- Jacksonville, IL

WKEI -- 1450AM/101.1FM -- Kewanee, IL

WRAM -- 1330AM/94.1FM -- Monmouth, IL

WZPN -- 96.5FM -- Peoria, IL

WZOE -- 1490AM -- Princeton, IL

WGEM -- 1440AM -- Quincy, IL

WROK -- 1440AM -- Rockford, IL

WFMB -- 1450AM -- Springfield, IL

WSDR -- 1240AM/93.1FM -- Sterling, IL

WFRX -- 1300AM/95.5FM -- W. Frankfort, IL.


KWBG -- 1590AM -- Boone, IA

KCNZ -- 1650AM/102.3FM -- Cedar Falls, IA

KCIM -- 1380AM -- Carroll, IA

KJOC -- 1170AM -- Davenport, IA

KRNT -- 1350AM -- Des Moines, IA

WDBQ -- 1490AM -- Dubuque, IA

KMCD -- 1570AM -- Fairfield, IA

KADR -- 1400AM -- Elkader, IA

KNOD -- 105.3FM -- Harlan, IA

KXIC -- 800AM -- Iowa City, IA

KCPS -- 1150AM -- W. Burlington, IA


WBNL -- 1540AM/97.7FM -- Booneville, IN

WTRC -- 1340AM/101.9FM -- Elkhart, IN

WASK -- 98.7FM -- Lafayette, IN

WBAT -- 1400AM -- Marion, IN

WARU -- 101.9FM -- Peru, IN

WAXI -- 104.9FM -- Rockville, IN

WAXI -- 104.9FM -- Terre Haute, IN

WRSW -- 1480AM/99.7FM -- Warsaw, IN


WHBR -- 600AM -- Sauk Rapids/St Cloud, MN


KNTK -- 93.7FM -- Lincoln, NE

KIBM/K293CX -- 1490AM/106.5FM -- Omaha, NE

North Dakota

WDAY -- 970AM -- Fargo, ND

South Dakota

KVTK -- 1570AM -- Vermillion, SD


WTSO -- 1070AM -- Madison, WI


Listen to Cubs Games on Mobile Device

Android: To listen to Chicago Cubs games on your Android phone, Android tablet and Kindle Fire, you'll want to download the MLB At Bat for Android, and make an in-app sign up for At Bat Premium (only a couple dollars/month), which gives you access to every live home and away radio broadcast.

Apple: To listen to Chicago Cubs games on your Apple device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), download the MLB At Bat iPhone app and MLB At Bat iPad app, and make an in-app sign up for At Bat Premium (small monthly fee), which will give you access to all home and away major league baseball game radio broadcasts.

In order to stream the live audio of Chicago Cubs games online you'll need to make an in-app purchase for MLB At Bat Premium (FREE trial), which allows you to listen to every single Regular Season and Postseason game LIVE online (no blackout restrictions). MLB At Bat also gives you access to watch the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day and get In-Game Highlights.





anonymous by Erica on 6/20/2016

Hello out there! I live in northern CA and am having trouble, lots of trouble finding a way to at least listen to Cubs games free. Any one able to help me with that?
Thank you.

anonymous by hundtg on 7/2/2016

670 the score

anonymous by chuck on 8/17/2017

can we get cubs baseball on our pc?

anonymous by Val on 8/29/2019

Nope can’t watch free on the score, hard to be a cub fan when you can’t listen

anonymous by Linda on 7/20/2020

I have a transistor radio, like the old fashion kind. Only way I can listen free and I’m in Chicago. I have Tune in radio but don’t want to pay the 9.99 a month to use the app.
I like Tune in, I use it for my podcasts.

anonymous by Brent on 8/1/2020

If you won’t spend $10/month to listen to them then it’s just not that big of a deal for you. $10/month is nothing.

anonymous by John G. on 8/2/2020

Tunein no longer carries live MLB games. It's a bit of a bummer. Must boil down to greed somewhere.

anonymous by John Staszak on 8/2/2020

It really stinks that you lost the mlb and nba.

anonymous by David Z on 8/16/2020

Amazon Prime doesn’t work - it indicates games are blacked out. Also not playing on 670 am in Chicago.

anonymous by Teri Mc on 9/6/2020

101.9 WARU out of Wabash Indiana broadcasts Cubs games.

anonymous by jI on 5/29/2021

Mlb audio. App costs 2.99 a month. You can listen to every baseball game

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