How to Develop 6 Pack Abs

Tips on how to get six pack abs.

How do you acquire 6 pack abs? Well, you would just need to have less fat and more muscles. Those steps may sound easy, but doing them is totally a different story. You would need to be more patient, dedicated and spend a considerable amount of time for you to accomplish a body with six pack abs.

Having Less Fat

1.) In order for you to have less fat in your abdominal area, you need to perform cardio exercises. These routines can increase one’s heart rate depending on the duration of the exercises. Rowing, dancing, bike riding, jogging and running are examples of cardio workouts.

2.) Consume whole grains rather than refined grains. Include this food in your diet together with 2 servings of poultry, fish or meat, 3 servings of milk (low fat) and 5 servings of vegetables and fruits. Whole grains can certainly help you lose more fat compared to the refined grains.

3.) Consume the right amount of water on a daily basis. For you to know the amount of water needed by your body , refer to your weight. Measure it in pounds, divided it into 2 and you’ll get the ounces of water needed by your system. For example, an individual having 150 pounds needs 2.2 L of water regularly. Aside from water and sports drinks, eat apples and bananas for you to acquire potassium in your body as well.

4.) Have a steady metabolism. While you’re awake, consume a single light meal every 3 hours. This step will help you have an even pace for your metabolism which is very essential in maintaining the condition of your abs. Take note that protein should be present in your meals.

5.) Do some weight lifting. This exercise is necessary for you to keep your muscles strong and firm. It lessens down the amount of calories in your body and prevents your muscles from losing its shape.

6.) Never skip your breakfast. You may be a very busy individual yet you should not ignore the importance of one’s breakfast. If you’re always on the run every morning, then consider having yogurt, smoothie, an apple, a breakfast bar or even cereals just for you to get some nutrition. Never have a heavy lunch as well. This habit would only make you sleepy and lazy afterwards.

7.) Always have a light dinner. Heavy dinners would only make you fatter for you are expected to sleep and be inactive for the rest of the night. Thus, try drinking one huge glass of water before you eat your meal for the night. You can also consume nuts, small vegetables or fruit pieces before dinner time for you to keep your appetite in moderation.

Forming Those Muscles

1.) Perform some crunches. Do them on the floor as you touch your temples and lie on the ground. Have your knees bended and lift your upper body until you reach your knees. You should only use your abdomen in this procedure. As you lie back, never let your head reach the floor. You also should not fully lift your back if you really want to get that 6 packed abs. Back strains are prevented by this action as well. Just remember to flex your abs repeatedly in this exercise.

2.) You can also use a horizontal bar in your exercise routines. Pull up your body from this object. 10 tries would do in one setting. Your biceps and pectorals can be developed in this exercise as well.

3.) Pay attention to your oblique muscles too. These muscles comprise both sides of one’s stomach. Thus, for you to keep them fit, you can bend from side to side or perform some twisting exercises. You can also do bicycle crunches as you lie on the ground. You can even do a routine where in you would need to place your right knee to your left shoulder. Just do these exercises gently for your oblique muscles may not be as strong your abdominal muscles yet.

4.) Repeatedly perform the plank or static hold. This position is similar to a standard push up. However, you would need to have your elbows on the ground instead of your hands. Be in this position for a minimum of 45 seconds up to a maximum of five minutes once you are already used to the routine. Repeatedly use this exercise for you to fully develop your abs and core. A side static hold can also be done with the use of one elbow only.

5.) Perform jackknife sit ups as well. These sit ups are called that way for your hips and feet would normally stick together in a position similar to a jackknife as you perform this exercise. In doing this routine, you would just need to make sure that you are able to meet or even kiss your knees every time you rise from the floor. You should do this step repeatedly despite the momentum of the exercise.

6.) Lift your legs. Lie on the ground and form a complete 90 degree angle with your raised legs. You can even hang from a horizontal bar and lift your knees to your chest instead.

7.) Perform dead lifts and some squats. These exercises would certainly give you a stronger core. Your abdominal muscles aren’t just for public display. They can give you a better posture so you would work on your spine and back muscles too.

8.) Perform sit ups. Lie flat on a mat, fold up your knees and cross your arms on one’s chest. You can ask your gym partner to secure the position of your feet for you or you can tie them down to a heavy object instead. Slowly lift your back from the ground and be in a sitting position. Repeatedly do this step for that 6 packed abs.

9.) Make your exercise routines more complicated as time goes by. You must constantly challenge yourself for you not to get tired of maintaining that perfect body and those abdominal muscles.



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