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Why does my cat defecate outside its litter box?

Is my cat uncomfortable defecating inside its litter box? What can I do to make him feel more comfortable?

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There are several possible reasons as to why your cat chooses not to defecate in its litter box.

One reason is that your cat could be feeling unsafe or insecure. Make sure that the litter box is located in an open, clear space so as to make your cat feel more comfortable doing its business.

Secondly, if there are other pets living in your house, it is possible that your cat is simply marking its territory. This may be a little more difficult to address unless you are willing to segregate the living space of each of your pets.

Lastly, your cat may simply be hostile towards the litter box or the litter itself. Try changing it up and if that doesn’t work, take your cat to the vet just to rule out a bladder infection.

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