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How can I get my dog to stop pulling on leash?

What is the best way to stop a dog from pulling while leash walking? I'm having a terrible time controlling my dog will walking him on leash.

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Best way to stop a dog from pulling while leash walking is to get a dog harness. One of the best harnesses for a dog is the Walk Right padded front harness. You can attach the leash on the front or the back of the harness. Start with the front attachment, then once your dog is walking correctly on leash, you can use the back connection. If you haven't tried using a harness for your dog, it will probably be one of the best investments you can make and you'll actually enjoy walking your dog on leash using it. Just make sure you measure your dog's chest / neck to get the correct fitting harness.

One technique to stop a dog from pulling on a leash is to do the opposite. So when a dog pulls on the leash, you stop walking. When the dog stops pulling, you can then resume walking. This teaches the dog that when he stops pulling, he gets to move forward. Keep in mind, this takes a lot of patience to master.

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