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How is an Ostrich Different From an Emu?

What Makes an Ostrich Different From an Emu?

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What is an Ostrich?

• It is no doubt the largest bird on this planet.
• This animal is an African native but it can definitely be found in most parts of the world.
• It has the biggest eyes (which are proportional to its head) among all vertebrae animals living on land.
• It has 2 toes and very strong legs. Thus, you have to be careful when you’re around this huge bird.
• This animal is truly a fast runner. Its maximum running speed is 40 mph.
• Female ostriches have feathers of the grey brown color while male ostriches have tail and wing feathers possessing the colors white and black.
• During the mating season of ostriches, they form groups. One male ostrich can have a maximum of 7 female ostriches as his mating partners. Both the male and female ostriches take turns in incubating and raising their chicks.
• Leather can be made from an ostrich’s body. The meat and feathers of this bird are also being sold to consumers who want them.

What is an Emu?

• It is the biggest bird in Australia and comes next to an ostrich in the worldwide list of largest birds.
• It has 3 toes and strong legs as well. In fact, its feet are capable of taking a human’s life.
• Its maximum running speed is 30 mph.
• Both male and female emus have feathers which have deep brown hues. However, the bare skin of a female emu’s head turns blue and its head feathers turn black during the mating season.
• Also, during the mating season, emus form pairs. However, male emus is responsible for incubating and raising their chicks.
• Leather, oil and meat are just some of the products that an emu is capable of giving to consumers.

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