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What's the difference between an Eagle vs a Hawk?

What Makes a Hawk Different From an Eagle?

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The Similarities between a Hawk and an Eagle

Before we get to know the characteristics which make a hawk distinct from an eagle, let us first know the factors which make it difficult for people to distinguish the two birds from each other.

• First of all, it is a fact that both birds are found under the same family.
• They both belong to the taxonomic order accipitriformes. Just conduct a small research over the Web if you want to get to know more about this animal order.
• However, they don’t have a definite taxonomic differentiation from each other.

What are Hawks?

• A few types of a hawk are bigger than a few eagles.
• The wingspan of a hawk can only reach up to a maximum of 5 ft.
• An example of a hawk is the Red-tailed Hawk. Given its name, this bird has a tail which has the color red. Also, it is one of the biggest hawks which have been seen by wildlife professionals.

What are Eagles?

• They are birds that are generally bigger than hawks.
• They are also more powerful than the latter.
• The wingspan of a huge eagle can reach up to 8 feet.
• It can have falconiformes as its other branch order to accommodate its either species.
• An example of an eagle is the Australian Little Eagle. This bird belongs to the smallest eagles in the whole world.

If you still find it hard to distinguish a hawk from an eagle after reading this article, then you would just have to keep in mind the certain physical characteristics of the two birds. This may be a hard thing to do but that’s the only way for you to avoid having an eagle mistaken for a hawk.

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