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Why does Facebook say I'm active when I'm not?

A few months back I had a problem with Facebook showing I'm active throughout the night at ridiculous times when I'm sleeping so me and my boyfriend got into a fight because he thought I was talking to other people. I dis some research and deactivated all 3rd party apps linked to m fb account and the active stamp didnt show even when I was online. Recently we moved to dubai and my phone broke and had to update all software so now its showing active stamp again and the other night it also showed same as previous time. But only that one night because my phone updated a few apps and even though I was sleeping m airtime was finished. Now m boyfriend won'nt believe me that I was not online and not speaking to other people. I was sleeping and don't know how to prove him wrong. Any help? Chat is turned off. Could this also happen when some apps update on the phone throughout the night?

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Dump him.
You can't base a relationship off of social media. My Facebook says I'm active at odd hours of the night and it does the same for my boyfriend. There isn't anything you can do about it. So I would suggest sitting him down and explaining it to him, or dumping his untrusting rear end.

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