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Which web browser will give you better laptop battery life?

What internet browser gives you the longest battery life on a laptop, by using less power? IE9, Firefox, Safari or Chrome?

2 Answers

The web browser that has shown to reduce power consumption the most and give you more battery life for your laptop while browsing the web is Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). In testing, IE9 gave web browsing battery performance of 3 hours 45 minutes. Firefox 4 had a battery performance of 3 hours 35 minutes, followed by Chrome 10 at 2 hours 56 minutes.

Out of the latest browsers then indeed IE9 and Firefox 4 are very close. However that is not the whole picture as I have been using Firefox 3.6 on my laptop for some time and that has far superior battery life to IE9 or Firefox 4.

My laptop can usually do around 5 hours, its more like 4 hours with IE9 or Firefox 4. So I will be sticking with Firefox 3.6 for now.

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