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What's the difference between Wideband vs. Broadband?

What's the difference between internet service called Wideband vs. Broadband? Is wideband faster than broadband?

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Wideband is the next generation of Internet and is considered to be faster than broadband. What used to take minutes with broadband can now only take seconds with Wideband.

Wideband provides more than just a higher speed connection, but a whole new level of connectivity and interaction. Below are some of the differences between wideband internet access and broadband internet access:

1. Availabilty - Wideband internet access became available in 2009, and is still only available in certain locations like New York City by TimeWarner. Broadband internet access is available in almost any location in the United States at this point, either by cable, DSL or satellite.

2. Video streaming - Watching High-Definition movies and television shows via your internet connection will be much smoother and a high quality picture, with much less buffering that can often happen on a broadband connection.

3. Gaming - Video games played on wideband will be much smoother and the video quality will be much better, and be on par with playing the game on a gaming console.

4. Multi-tasking - If you are in a household that streams Netflix movies, plays games, watches videos, browses the internet... all at the same time, than wideband is going to be much better and will be a big selling point over broadband.

5. Price - Wideband is the top of the line in internet access currently, so it will cost more than broadband.

TimeWarner currently has Wideband available in New York City with Download speeds - up to 50 Mbps and Upload speeds - up to 5 Mbps.

Compare that with TimeWarner's broadband service Road Runner, which has a standard download speed of up to 10 Mbps or speeds up to 15 Mbps (download) /768 kbps (upload) with PowerBoost.

that's what the guy before said except for being only available in New York City Time Warner I have a with Grande and they're high speed is 110 mps

Internet speed will not increase video quality while gaming.... Facepalm. "be on par with playing the game on a gaming console" ugh...

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