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Why are Ladybugs a Sign of Good Luck?

Why are Ladybugs considered to be a Sign of Good Luck?

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Many superstitious beliefs have dominated our world and these beliefs have originated years and years ago. One of these beliefs is the sign of good luck that comes from ladybugs. Ladybugs are believed to bring good luck because they are often associated to the Virgin Mary, which is why they are called ladybugs, lady beetles, and even ladybirds. According to the beliefs, these bugs are sent from the heavens by the Virgin Mary to protect the Earth, especially the crops. That is why farmers love to have the ladybugs around because it brings about good luck in their harvest. Ladybugs drive away pests from their crops basically because these beautiful bugs eat aphids and many other pests that harm the crops.

Seeing a ladybug would also mean good luck. Blessings will shower upon a person who is luckily landed by the bug. It also believed that these bugs bring positive change towards a person’s life, things, and well-being.

The shape and form as well as the color of the ladybug also are a sign of good luck. The spots that can be seen on their backs are said to be the representation of the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin which again links these bugs to Catholic beliefs and spirituality.

Harming ladybugs is like seeing a black cat. It is believed that killing this lucky bug would bring bad luck to a person especially in the field of agriculture wherein these bugs tend to be most useful. Killing ladybugs would bring about bad luck such as bad harvest or pests invading the fields. To protect these ladybugs from harm, farmers often sing the popular nursery rhyme wherein they tell the bug to go home because they are going to burn the field for the next season.

Seeing the connections of superstitious beliefs allows us to understand fully how these beliefs came to be. The belief of the lucky charm of the ladybug gives us has allowed us to see in the perspective of agriculture wherein ladybugs indeed protect the fields by eating the pests.

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