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Why are Cell Phones not allowed to be used on Airplanes?

Why is the Use of Cell Phones not allowed in Airplanes, especially during take off and landing?

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The Federal Communications Commission or FCC disallowed passengers from making use of their cell phones while inside an airplane in flight. This policy was implemented in 1991 because it was believed that the radio frequency coming from cell phones can interfere with an airplaneā€™s overall function. In order to ensure compliance to this guideline, airlines have implemented various policies on the use of cell phones within the duration of a flight. However, in 2005, the FCC declared that it may be possible to allow the use of cell phones again as long as specific restrictions are followed.

When used in airplanes, electronic devices like cell phones may be regulated by the FCC if it is suspected that such gadgets can affect the airplane communications system. The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA is aligned with the FCC regarding this directive specifically for commercial flights. This policy does not cover private or chartered flights, though, and passengers from these flights can use their cell phone freely.

There has been some discussion on the use of cell phones in airplanes. Cell phones are perceived to cause interference with the communications and navigation systems of a plane which can contribute to potential failure. Reports of compass function, cabin pressure and wireless navigations systems malfunction were all attributed to cell phones being used on board. It feels like the FCC might have been mistaken about the absolute prohibition on the use of devices that emit radio frequency that can possibly cause a plane to crash.

Cell phones used in planes have also been reported to cause interruption in ground communication. Other people say that airline companies and the FCC are better off with consumers using the telecommunications systems found on many seat backs in commercial flights due to the profit they bring. Later cell phone models are designed to function on minimal power settings and therefore should not interrupt aircraft operation as they did in the past. Currently, the FCC is trying to come up with a standard frequency range in order for cell phones users to enjoy using their gadgets without compromising airplane communication systems in the air and communication on the ground.

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