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What's the difference between a Tsunami vs. a Tidal Wave?

What Makes a Tsunami Different From a Tidal Wave?

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What is a Tsunami?

• A deep movement in the ocean floor causes a tsunami. Thus, it can develop in any part of the globe. It is something that can be predicted with the use of proper equipments yet its damage is something that can never be measured.
• The ocean floor movement that we’re talking about can either be an eruption, a landslide or an earthquake which is happening under water. Underwater eruptions and landslides are unusual phenomena yet they can still happen.
• More emphatic waves are to be expected from deeper movements in the ocean floor which make tsunamis really destructive.
• They can reach shorelines which are even miles away from the origin of the movement.
• It follows the currents. However, it can make a landfall in any country which is located outside of the current.

What is a Tidal Wave?

• It is a wave that is caused by the elements in the atmosphere.
• It is considered as a sea disturbance brought about by the movement of the Earth, the moon and the sun which forms a ‘shallow water wave’.
• Once there’s a shallow water wave that is formed, that only means that a tidal wave is about to develop in an area which is near the land imposing danger to that zone.
• However, sometimes, a tidal wave ‘dies’ before it gets the chance to reach the shoreline.
• This wave has a preference for the regions that it’s going to make a landfall. It often avoids countries which are found in the Northern Hemisphere or those that have temperate climates. It is because this wave is a ‘slave’ to the currents. It only has the capacity to make a landfall in areas which can be found inside the flow of the current.

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