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Why are Electronic Devices required to be turned off during Flight Take Off or Landing?

Why is it necessary that electronic devices and cell phones be turned off while an airplane is taking off or landing?

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Restrictions on the use of individual electronic device's, have tightened during a takeoff and landing due to the enormously growing electronic industry and the impact all those wireless electronic signals could have the aircraft instruments. Claims have been made that these signals do not affect an aircraft whatsoever, but the Federal Aviation Administration would probably rather deal with an irate passenger than a mass loss of life.

Statistically, a crash, or threatening emergency on an airplane, is more likely to occur during the takeoff and the landing. Communication during these times is crucial to the safety of everyone. The pilots HAVE to be able reach the tower so they can navigate a safe, accurate course. When the captain asks you to turn off your electronic devices, this is the number one reason, your own safety.

Today's modern made airplanes are usually shielded from these digital signals emitted from a cell phone, or a laptop computer. Most aircraft companies will use these planes for more than 20 years, so it really wouldn't be that uncommon for passengers to be riding in a craft that does not have this digital shield. It should be noted that even a portable CD player has been able to cause interference in aircrafts that were made in the early eighties.

This solution seems to be the best option to the alternative of not turning off personal electronic devices. It's cost effective (free), and it's not really an unreasonable request (it takes about 20 minutes or so for an aircraft to get to "cruising altitude"). Flight attendants cannot be expected to go around to every single passenger, check each individual's cell phone, laptop, Ipod, or Kindle and be sure it's off and stays off during takeoff and landing. Could you even imagine the amount of time that would take? Who would really want to spend that much extra time waiting even longer for the plane to launch? It's a very simple and safer choice to the passengers on board and those in other (mid-air) flights.

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