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Where are the Coldest Regions in the World?

Where can you find he Coldest Places around the Planet?

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There’s simply no doubt that Antarctica is the coldest region on this planet. Only seal colonies and penguins are able to survive the temperature in this area all year round for scientists visit the continent during the summer season only. Vostok Station is the coldest part of Antarctica for it has reached -89.4°C in the year 1983 while -36°C is the average temperature of the whole continent.

Siberia, Russia is also included in the list of the coldest regions worldwide. At the start of the year, it’s common to see thermometers showing -51.1°C in this area. If you want to experience a temperature colder than that, then you are free to visit the eastern side of Siberia specifically Oymyakon which has an official maximum winter temperature of -67.7°C. People in this community actually have to deal with 9 months of winter season.

Other cold regions in the world:

• Prospect Creek, Alaska (US) – In the year 2003, this region has reached a temperature of -62.1°C.
• Eismitte and Northice (Greenland) - -45.5°C is the average temperature in these cities.
• Yukon, Canada
• International Falls, Minnesota (US) – This place has an average winter temperature of -35.5°C.

If you want to live in the places mentioned above, then you must be ready to completely change your way of living for you to be able to survive and enjoy the temperature in these regions.

For example, don’t you know that at an external temperature of -51.1°C, a child’s lungs can collapse and lead him or her to die? Thus, living in communities which have extremely cold temperature levels would require you to restrict your children from playing outdoors for a whole day.

Nevertheless, the coldest regions worldwide still have some breathtaking scenery that you shouldn’t dare miss if you desire to experience winter at its finest.

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